ECOMOBL 10C cells battery - Ecomobl

Hi Ecomobl family

It is no secret that there is a severe global battery shortage. Lithium batteries had been extremely difficult to secure and Ecomobl was not spared from the impact.

We needed a replacement that will be as performant and reliable as our old cells at the same cost while being readily available to ensure that our customers will still be able to have the full Ecomobl experience without major delays.

We at Ecomobl set out to search for alternative with the follow criteria:

The replacement battery must be as performant both in discharge rate and capacity as the cells they are replacing
The source of the battery needs to be reputable while be able to provide with a steady supply to prevent any additional delivery delays
The cost needs same as Samsung battery to allow us to keep the same competitive pricing that we always have had for our customers.
The result is the new Ecomobl 10c pack comprised of Lishen 21700 cells. Lishen is an established battery supplier for consumer good and LEVs. There were one of the supplier candidates for Tesla. The spec sheet of the battery shows identical performance to the Samsung cells (link below). 3rd party test of the other cells from Lishen had shown par or better performance than equivalent Samsung cells (link below).
Lishen 21700 4500mAh 13.5A Battery (LR2170SF)

We don’t take this switch lightly and we are confident that the new cells will be able to deliver the full Ecomobl experience to all the rider.

Post time: 04-05-2021