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Hello everyone, my name is Chris and I am working for Ecomobl currently. As you all know, we just released 3 types of Telum skateboards for sale on our official website. And you can find their prices are so different, Telum Pro is similar to Telum and they are both carbon fiber skateboard, so why Telum Pro is much more expensive than Telum. And whether the big wheel is the only difference between Telum Pro and Telum BA. You might have… lots of questions about these 3 boards. OK…guys, now I am gonna tell you what’s the differences between these boards and how to make a decision among them.

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I have summarized all the differences between them according to several aspects below:
1. Wheel: (Telum) 200*55mm | (Telum Pro) 200*55mm | (Telum BA) 250*55mm and 250*90mm 2 in 1
2. Incline: (Telum) 30-40% gradient | (Telum Pro) 47-55% | (Telum BA) 47-57%
3. Weight: (Telum) 39lbs | (Telum Pro) 52lbs | (Telum BA) 55-80lbs
4. Charger: (Telum) 5amp | (Telum Pro) 8amp | (Telum BA) 8amp
5. Deck: (Telum) 20 layer carbon fiber deck | (Telum Pro) 20 layer carbon fiber deck | (Telum BA) 21 layer carbon fiber deck
6. ESC: (Telum) 55A 2WD | (Telum Pro) 60A*2 AWD | (Telum BA) 65A*2 AWD
7. Battery: (Telum) 12S4P 768Wh 25-30miles | (Telum Pro) 12S6P 1152Wh 30-35miles | (Telum BA) 12S6P 1152Wh 30-35miles

Telum BA, Telum Pro, Telum orderly

By and large, they all belong to electric off road skateboards but they do have differences on performance and equipment. You might find it hard to select one from them, let me give you some suggestions.

If you pursue an economic solution , and you don’t really need pretty high performance. You can just choose Telum because it is still one of the best electric skateboards.

And if you pursue both economic and high performance. Telum Pro is gonna be a good option for you as well.
Finally, if you have enough money and you just want the highest performance as well as the best equipment, absolutely Telum BA is gonna be the best choice.

This is just like you make a selection among iphone 13, iphone 13 Pro and iphone 13 Pro Max. Pick the one that is suitable for your own situation and demand. Now you know what to do : )

Post time: 04-26-2022