It has a huge presence - "TELUM BA" 14000W/4WD 2in1 E-board - Ecomobl

Hello, everyone. My name is Kami Juins. And you can find me on YouTube. I have done lots of e-board(electric longboard and electric mountain board) reviews for different brands. I have more than 4 years experience on reviewing electric skateboards, having more than 30 thousands subscribers on my YouTube channel. I have done more than 170 videos which really helps my subscribers decide to choose their first electric board.

I have cooperated with Ecomobl a lot of times. They have been producing fantastic boards with high quality and sponsored me ET, M24, Telum BA… The ET is very suitable for beginners which is easy to control and economical. And the Telum BA was a real beast, it was the most powerful production board I’ve ever ridden. The combination of large, wide wheels and four-wheel gear drives demonstrated the performance of a true all-terrain board. If you love adventure, Telum BA is a perfect board for you.

My first impression on Telum BA was moved really smoothly even though it looks clumsy. In addition, the controlling of the board was easy to handle without much effort. The front and rear trucks of Telum BA had the softest grade springs set which allowed t feel really flexible movement on the pavement. Telum BA’s 250* 90 mm wide tires were, as expected, a really smooth ride on the pavement. Also, unlike the airless tires I’ve used before, I felt it was more similar to the riding feeling of a pneumatic tire. I think that’s probably due to the increased amount of rubber that’s been used by these tires for a wide and large diameter. The carbon deck of the Telum BA is quite flexible among mountain board types. As a result, most of the movements feeling were more natural. On mountainous off-road, the Telum BA’s power performance was powerful as on the pavement. In fact, if the power performance was insufficient, I thought it would have been impossible to use 250* 90mm tires in the environment.

By and large, I personally recommend this board to beginners or old hands, very easy to control and safe. Lots of people have decided to get the Telum BA after watched my reviews. I appreciate their trust and support. Please don’t miss out.

Post time: 03-06-2023