Let’s talk about some knowledge about eboards and explain why you choose ecomobl. - Ecomobl

At the beginning, let’s just talk about some basic knowledge of electric skateboard. Do you know what is the most important differences differences between electric sakteboards and normal skateboards?

Electric skateboards use the battery for providing power and use motors for driving the wheels. Moreover, you are able to ride your eboards on all terrains(Ecomobl boards can be even ridden on snow, sand or any other tough terrains) when those normal skateboards can be only used on flat road.

Now you guys might ask how to make up a complete electric board. What’s the composition?

The deck:  Because eboards need to be adapted to high speed driving, most of eboards adopt long board or downhill board, it is much easier to add various accessories on the larger board as well. In general, companies use normal wooden board as its deck or any other cheap materials. However, for the sake of our customers, ecomobl has been working on improving the quality of the deck. From maple deck(Ripper) to carbon fiber deck(Telum board), it costs more money on raw material and is harder to be produced in order to enhance the deck’s quality and jumping ability as well as become more cool and fashionalbe. It means ecomobl always keeps on developing better products with higher satisfication.

The carbon fiber deck of Telum

The big wheel compares with my hand

Remote: Ecomobl only uses this type of high quality remote.
Battery: Ecomobl always produces battery with huge range, such as Telum Pro(12S 1152Wh 30-35 miles).
Motors: Ecomobl only produces planetary gear motor with high quality and powerful impetus.
Other accessories(not necessary): Ecomobl sells newly released foot straps and the coolest grip tape for decorating your board.

Post time: 04-29-2022