Some personal feelings of riding Ecomobl Mini - Ecomobl

Actually, I used to ride Telum BA a lot in the last a few months. I really love riding this board as it is easy to control and very stable. You won’t feel any vibrations even if you are riding on some tough terrains such as grass or gravels. And the carbon fiber deck makes your feet feel comfortable when u stand on it as the flexible deck can reduce the pressure from the deck due to the gravity. It is the real all terrain electric skateboard that is able to take you anywhere. Compared with Telum BA, Ecomobl Mini is not an off road board and doesn’t have carbon fiber deck. But it is suitable for most of urban roads and has a maple deck with good quality.

To be honest, the surface of the deck of this board is quite smooth. So it’s better to install the sand paper on the deck to enhance the anti-skidding performance before you start to ride. The limit weight of the board can reach 250 lbs, so don’t worry about playing this board even if you are an adult as long as you are not too heavy.

Compared with riding on Telum BA, the stability of Mini might not be that good as BA’s because of the size of tires but good enough on most urban boards. That’s why we said it is a street board rather than all terrain board. Of course you can go to other terrain besides pavements, such as grass or gravels. But you will feel lots of vibrations and hard to control the board on those tough terrain while it’s easy for those mountain boards( Ripper, Telum) to go through. However, this board is the most flexible board I’ve ever ridden. You don’t need to use too much power to make a turn and easy to do some tricks. It also can be used as a traditional human powered skateboard even if it’s a remote controlled skateboard. In some extent, this board won’t cost too much and easy to learn. It is a good board for beginners or children as long as you use the speed mode 1 or 2 rather than 4.

Post time: 05-27-2022