Some real feelings of my first riding on Mini 2 - Ecomobl

How time goes so fast that it has been half a year since I came to work at Ecomobl. As far as I know, we only produce remote controlled skateboards and most of them belong to all terrain electric skateboard. However, recently we just release a special skateboard called Mini 2. So why I said it is special? The most obvious reason is that it doesn’t use a remote. According to the specs I already known so far, Mini 2 only uses single hub motor and its top speed can reach 15 mph. So obviously, this board doesn’t have too much power and cannot handle a heavy guy.



Now I am gonna talk about some real reviews of this board according to my own experience. Firstly, Im weigh 200 lbs. And I tried my best to ride this board, you know it is just too hard to handle my weight. It can move but just very slowly. I feel a little bit frustrated as this board really looks very beautiful but I just can’t make full use of it. So I suggest that it’s better to let a child or a person who is under 150 lbs play this board. I think this board is very safe for children to ride. The operation includes:  1. Power on the skateboard(Gently sliding the board, the board will turn on automatically)  2. Acceleration : Two membrane switches are installed on the front and rear fuselage, one foot step on the front membrane switch, another foot kick the ground then step on the rear membrane switch quickly. The board will go forward. One trust, one acceleration, but top speed is under 15km/h.   3. brake : Jump off from the board ( 2 feet away from he membrane switches), the board will stop.

So if u have a child in your home, please don’t miss out mini and mini 2. There two boards ensure good stability on most urban roads. For mini 2, the top speed is only 15 mph which can really make sure the safety of children. For mini, there are 4 speed modes that you can adjust the acceleration and speed of the board at will. It is quite safe board for children and easy to handle.

Post time: 06-14-2022