Summer Madness Sale is on! What are you waiting? - Ecomobl

Hello, readers. Thanks for reading this article. Unconsciously, summer is coming into our daily life. What a wonderful season for playing outside and please don’t waste ! Skateboarding is exactly one of the most suitable sports we can enjoy in summer. You can imagine that playing skateboard under the peaceful sunshine with cool wind. I just have no means of putting this scene into words.

Yes! Summer is really a nice season for skateboarding. And there is a good news I am gonna tell you. We just released the summer madness sale on our website! We are selling ET2 only for $1399 currently. It means it is having a $200 discount at the moment. However, for ET! It is having a $350 discount and you just need to spend $949 to get one. This news really shocked me as well and I seriously checked it for lots of times. Yeah…It is not kidding. In this way, we are nearly not going to earn any money excluding cost price. Is my company trying to send people brand new skateboards? I mean, did we just become a charity and not being a skateboard company anymore? To be honest, I don’t know what’s going on. I just wanna tell you that it is really a golden opportunity you can’t miss out. ET and ET2 are selling at an unprecedented price right now. I can’t promise this kind of good thing will happen in the future. If you miss out this one, probably you are gonna regret forever.

We have plenty of review videos about ET and ET2 on Youtube which are able to prove that they are both advanced and excellent skateboards. We have drawn on various suggestions and demands of our dear customers. With the continuous improvement, ET and ET2 has become skateboards which are mature,reliable and worth buying. You can absolutely purchase without any concerns, and you don’t need to worry about our after-sales service as well. If you have any questions or you just wanna chat with us, feel free to contact us via email ([email protected]) anytime. We are happy to help you solve all your problems. Remember we are here all the time. You can also reach us on Facebook group : Ecomobl Official Group. We are here sharing our riding everyday ! What are you waiting for? Let’s ride together.

Post time: 03-22-2022