The ripper has been in development for two years and is finally completed and ready to shred and soar.

(First generation)

March, 2020: Trucks were designed from the ground up and held up during early trials in the Rippers development.

(Second generation)

April, 2021:?We have come up with the project of carbon fiber deck. In order to reach the goal, we have designned a new mould of carbon fiber deck. We have still been working on the riding test of the ripper’s sample.

(Third generation)

May, 2021:?We have finished the design of our battery case ( quick removal of battery case), and we have make a decision to use the waterproof ESC. In this way, the ripper’s sample has been evolved for the second time. And the riding test of the ripper’s sample has still been in progress.

September, 2021:?We have maken the ripper’s lights integrate into its truck to make it look like a sense of science and technology. And we have still continued working on the riding test of the ripper’s sample.


December, 2021:?Ripper has finally been completed, and it has been on the market successfully.

Ripper is the pioneer for us to get into the mountain boards.We have been working on developing more excellent off-road skateboard and the products with higher quality. We have strict demand on our materials and we only use aviation aluminum with high quality. It is for your safety and our quality.

This guy looks pretty cool because of the huge battery case on the top of the deck.The deck is made of burlywood and the surface is very clean and smooth. This gorgeous design gives us so much freedom to stick any grip tapes on it . what is more, the wheel of the ripper is wider than any other boards on the market.It looks like a real beast on the road. The most significant thing?I want to mention is that ripper has a swappable battery case and it can give you twice the range. You can imagine if you are playing outside with your friends. When they run out of the battery, they are forced to come back home or watch you play. At this time,everyone will pay their attention to you.?It’s undoubtful that you will become the protagonist of the day.

Post time: 12-15-2021