There will be more good events in the future, thanks for ur support and trust - Ecomobl

As many of you know, we just had an activity of getting a free mini. But the first thing you need to do is submit an order and then we will send you the mini 2, after we confirmed that you received the mini 2 successfully, we will arrange the refund for you. This the whole process of what u need to do in order to get the board for free.

We can understand there are lots of people who suspect the realness of this event. However, there are still some customers who really trust us and submitted the order without hesitation. Because this board is not an electric longboard for adults, so most customers want to get one for their children. I was very happy to see the children of our customers are next talented generation of skateboards. Many customers showed me how their children are good at skateboarding.


Some customers has received the board very quickly and got the refund. After that, we are not able to refund for the rest due to some problems on our account. That’s why some people is starting to think it is a shell game as they don’t know each other and don’t know some people have already received the refund. At that time, those customers who have already received the board as well as the refund sent a post to our group and left a good review to help us clarify it. Finally, all people know it is not a scam and totally trust us again. I felt very appreciated about that. We are not just a company, we are a family, which includes people worked at ecomobl and the customers. Sometimes, we really need to help and trust each other, then everyone can have a happy ending. This event is just like customers’ welfare of getting a free board for your long term support. Customer service is the most crucial part of the development of ecomobl. If there is no customer, there is no ecomobl. Please trust us and collaborate with us, we are a family. There will be more and more good events for our customers in the future. Awaiting for ur participation. Thanks for ur support : )

Post time: 06-18-2022