To update the lights of the skateboard, we prepared for a long time. - Ecomobl

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It’s not easy to make a new product, and we keep improving.

From June 2019, we have the idea to upgrade the product lighting

On August 12, we made our own light board. This light board has our own patent, and we are also very good at making lights.

When it was first made, we were very excited. White headlights and green taillights

Light-transmitting board, it is used to protect the light board.

18W, the light collecting beads are installed on the light board, can already illuminate a long distance for a skateboard.

Power on the headlights for the first time.

And turn on the taillights for the first time.

The suspension needs to be remade because it cannot mount the light board. We have to spend a lot of money to make a new mold.

In October, we made our first new suspension, but it went wrong. The groove is dug too shallow, the light board still cannot be installed.

In November, the remade suspension was ready. And no problems this time.

We put new lights on our test cars and we need to do a lot of testing….

Now we can install new lights on new products. It has many modes, and the headlights can shine a long distance. If you ride it at night, it will be noticeable.

I hope that every ecomobl skateboard enthusiast will like this light. Let’s ride together!

Click the link to watch the video

Post time: 04-24-2020