We are using hollow tires with good flexibility as well as shock absorption. - Ecomobl

Today, let’s talk about something about our tires. As you know, we have 4 types of tires on our boards currently. They are 6 inches, 8 inches, 250mm * 55mm, and 250mm * 90mm individually. Those tires are used for the ET(6 inches), ET2(8 inches), M24(8 inches), M24Pro(250mm * 55mm and 250mm *90mm), Telum BA(250mm * 55mm and 250mm * 90mm) separately. Different size of those tires have different off road ability but they were made from the same materials(rubber).

But there is one important thing I would like to mention, lots of people think we are using the solid tires according to their appearance. And some people believe that pneumatic tires are generally better than solid tire, especially in terms of flexibility, comfort level. To be honest, I have never used the pneumatic tires before so I have no right to judge it. However, we are not exactly using the solid tires, the tires we are using all have a big space inside the tires. So we can’t say they are solid tires or pneumatic tires either, they are hollow rubber tires.


Because there are lots of customers who own our boards want us to produce pneumatic tires as well, it makes me think pneumatic tires are better than the tires we currently producing. In order to tell you guys that the tires on our boards are not worse than pneumatic tires, today we have cut off our tires to show you guys that they are not solid, and the flexibility of those tires is good as well.


Actually, I suggest you guys to choose this kind of tire rather than the pneumatic tires. Because there are so many advantages of using those hollow tires. Don’t you think the pneumatic tires are easy to be broken? Imagine when they touch some sharp gravels or any nails on the street, the tires will absolutely be burst and you can’t continue to ride your board anymore unless you replace the broken one. However, do you think you will take an alternative tire with you? Lol.. If you choose our hollow tires, you don’t need to worry about this at all. Even if there is a hole on the tire, you can still use it normally.


By and large, I personally think those pneumatic tires are only suitable for pavement, and hollow tires are suitable for both pavement and off road. Now you know which one to choose. But anyway, everyone has their own point of view. Since there were some customers asking for the pneumatic tires, we are considering to start to produce pneumatic tires. After all, customer service is the most important of Ecomobl.

Post time: 07-22-2022