What are the differences between skateboards and longboards? - Ecomobl

Skateboards include street skateboards, longboards, small fish boards.

Skateboards are different from traditional sports and not depended on fixed mode. Skateboards tend to freedom more. The freedom of skateboards is showed on street boards most obviously. Moreover, skateboards are easy to be carried and it is very convenient for you to take it to anywhere. You are able to do lots of tricks on a skateboard as long as you can imagine.



The advantages and disadvantages of longboards are very obvious. The deck of a longboard is longer. The truck of it is longer as well but adjustable. The long length of long board leads to its heavy weight and less flexibility. But its advantage is obvious: fast speed and good stability. By the way, most of riders think it’s hard for people to do any tricks on a long board. The long surface of the long plate makes it easy for the pressing plate to tilt up the plate head. In this way, we can do some tricks of catching the board by hand easily. There are 4 ways to play a long board: DC, FR, DH, freestyle. These 4 tricks are the most mainstream. Normally, the price of longboards is much more expensive than the price of skateboards.



So, what about the differences of the usage of longboards and skateboards? 1. Skateboards are suitable for speed competition, drifting and obstacle race while long boards are suitable for running a flat road in a straight line.  2. Skateboards are mostly made of board, wheels, bridge end nuts, supports, cushion pads, PU, sandpaper, bridge nails, bearings, etc. But long boards are mostly made of combined materials such as glass fiber, carbon fiber.  3. Skateboards are suitable for doing tricks, and the range long board is greater comparatively.

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Post time: 05-18-2022