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Recently, I’ve been asking.. what’s the range of M24/ET/Ripper.. the accurate mileage? Actually, although battery size is one of the most significant factors that determine the range, motor power and tire size cannot be ignored as well. These factors below really play an important role in performance of an electric skateboard.


1. Size and capacity of battery

Battery capacity uses Wh as an unit and can be calculated by Wh = volt x amp hour. Even if different brands have similar battery capacity, the range of the e-board can be affected by lots of extra technical elements.

 2. Motor power

In general, powerful motors can easily reach a high speed, but meanwhile it can cause a quicker consumption of battery. More powerful motors make your boards easier to be worn out, which reduces the range of battery.

 3.Type and size of tires

The resistance of pneumatic tires to the pavement will also cut down the range of an e-board.

 4. Battery life

With the increase of age, the capacity of the battery will be ran out gradually. If the lithium-ion battery is properly maintained, it can usually be continuously charged about 1000 times before reaching 80% of its original capacity. It means if you ride a board everyday, the battery can last approximately 1-3 years. So regular maintenance of board and battery is conducive to keep battery working effectively.

 5. Rider weight

Total payload(yourself, your equipment and your skateboard) of your riding is one of the decisive factor of battery range. Of course, guys. Less weight gains more range. After all, the weight of most of us is much more than a skateboard.

 6. Temperature

The battery capacity is affected by external temperature. Compared with summer, the range of a battery might be reduced by 15 % in winter. For people who live in seasonal regions, anticipated capability can be affected by external temperature.

 7. Other factors

     a. Wind: Riding against the wind will absolutely reduce the range.

     b. Terrains: Riding on different terrains gives you different range.

     c. Riding habits: Good riding habits can protect your battery and extend the range.

        Good riding habits include: 1. Help acceleration with your feet at the start. 2. Avoid stopping and accelerating again. 3. Try to accelerate             steadily. 4. Don’t start your board on the uphill road.

Post time: 05-06-2022