Why we put the esc on the deck for m24 series? - Ecomobl

As most of u know, recently we have tried to modify our skateboards, such as changing the position of the esc for M24 series.It is just like a diy electric skateboard before we sell it. By the way, we only changed the position of the esc so it is still a electric skateboard with remote.


So why we decided to make the change?

1.In some extent, placing the esc on the top of the board will have better waterproof. As you can imagine when u are riding in a rainy day and you go through some puddles. It is easier to spill the water into the esc as it is very close to the ground. However, if you put the esc on the deck, the deck can resist the water to the esc.

2. Also, if a customer has some problems and needs to disassemble the board and check the esc which is too difficult. You need to remove the foam first then need to change a new one. If we put them on the deck, it is much more convenient for customers to check the problems. Just need to unscrew several bolts and then you can open it.

3. Putting the esc on the deck, the space of the battery case will be increased accordingly . It means there is more space for the battery which is good for us to upgrade the battery in the future.

After we released this new face of M24 series. Most people said they prefer the new face but some still like the original one. Because some customers need to use the area where the esc is for standing. For this situation, we might consider to customize for those customers who want the original one. But we have started producing the M24 series with esc on the deck. But anyway, it won’t be a problem.


Now we have already upgraded the M24 series into new style. We have completely tested the new board, it works well on any terrain with the big tires. If you are interested in it, feel free to get one, let’s ride together !

Post time: 06-24-2022