With a pandemic wreaking havoc on daily life globally, many things are changing – including the way people move around. - Ecomobl

Source: https://ajuntament.barcelona.cat/bicicleta/en/noticia/new-regulation-for-personal-mobility-vehicles-and-bikes-with-more-than-two-wheels

COVID-19 is disrupting peoples’ daily lives in some ways, including restricting daily travel, from optional work-from-home arrangements to finish shutdowns. While the foremost common advice remains to limit travel, having reliable, affordable choices for that travel matters now quite ever. NY City is adding more room for cyclists, and micromobility users, to support the sudden shift to small individual transport modes on their streets. Bogotá, Colombia has added 76 kilometers of cycle lanes practically overnight to accommodate more riders and social distancing. Cities like Mexico City and London are seeing the advantages of the many years spent growing their cycling networks, is setting up and are moving to form temporary cycling measures permanent. Barcelona with already a huge cycle lane is now setting up a 75% of the city a 30 km/h area to promote microbility. Italy introduces electric vehicles incentives, the italian government has funded the program to the tune of ten million euros.

Anecdotally, there are stories everywhere of individuals switching from transit trips to cycling and e-devices, where these modes are available. This matters not only for COVID-19, except for a city’s overall resilience.

Whether it’s a worldwide pandemic, severe storms, poor air quality, or other effects of global climate change, cities will still be faced with and need to persevere through disruptions. To stay cities moving, we’d like all options to be available micromobility should be a part of every city’s resilience plan.

This pandemic has created a moment to acknowledge the significance of the ways in which small modes, including eskating, enable us to safely and resiliently navigate our cities.

source: https://www.itdp.org/2020/03/24/as-the-impacts-of-coronavirus-grow-micromobility-fills-in-the-gaps/

Post time: 01-24-2021