Ecomobl Ambassador Program

General rules

- Must own an Ecomobl board.

- Must post once a week on fb or instagram Use #Ecomobl.

- All new customers must be personally generated and introduced to Ecomobl by the ambassador. If Ecomobl has already spoken with the customer, they are not eligible. Customers must be personally generated, not taken from inquiries on any of the ecomobl pages or groups.

The other esk8 groups are open game.

- Be cool. We aren’t “better than” anyone,... we stand on our product but do not bad mouth or cast a bad light on our competition. As a representative of the company, maintaining our integrity is key.

- Helmet decals must be applied in a clearly visible spot on the helmet.


Whats in it for you?

When you sell your first board, you will receive

- ”Ecomobl Esk8 Ambassador” hat

- ”Ecomobl Esk8 Ambassador” Shirt

- ”Ecomobl Esk8 Ambassador” die cut decals 2 window. 2 Helmet.

- For each board sold after, you will receive a ecomobl skateboard credit (Parts are not counted as credits), you can save the credit for a board or parts of your own. You will have the choice at the time of each sale, to choose which option you’d like.

- M24, you can get 200 credits

- ET2, you can get 150 credits

- ET, you can get 100 credits


(1 credit = 1$ on our web)

When you get 1200 credits, you get a free ET and I'll be your best friend.

When you get 2100 credits, you get a free M24 and lan will be your best friend.

- Your customer will get a refund of $20 after purchased, as a gift purchased through the Ambassador Program.   Either you or they need to make us aware that they are your customer so you get the credit and they get the Ambassador gift pack

- There will be a tracking board online for all to see the Ambassador sales and achievements. (linked below)



If you want to become an Ecomobl ambassador, please email us: