Shipping- How it works

First of all, THANK YOU FOR YOUR PURCHASE FROM ECOMOBL!!! Secondly, we want to explain how the shipping works so you know what to expect and dont worry.

One we generate the label above, its sent to the you. This means we made a label and it your package has left Ecomobl. In many countries, the tracking then updates to "In transit". This is not the case with these shipments. THE TRACKING WILL NOT UPDATE UNTIL IT LANDS IN THE DESTINATION COUNTRY and is received by the domestic carrier (Fedex,UPS, DHL,Etc).

At that time, your tracking will update and they'll send you an exact delivery date. Usually 3 or 4 days from landing. This entire process from "label made" to the package at your door is appx 2-3 weeks.

PLEASE NOTE: we cannot change the address for you during the delivery process!

Enjoy your board, dont forget to come check in with pics or videos and remember we are always around if you have questions or need some guidance through your first servicing, or just want to chat.

Ride Hard, ride often and RIDE SAFE!