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Q: Do you need foot straps/bindings when riding an electric skateboard?

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“yes, start without bindings and get used to the board. But with the bindings you can use harder springs or bushings for better stability and put significantly more pressure on the axles.
There are a few good solutions on the market.
Healstraps are really only intended for lighter boards and for jumping.
I am convinced by the Freebord bindings. These are diagonally open at the top so that you cannot get caught and slide out automatically when the situation requires it. The disadvantage of the Freebord: with a dropdown deck, it is a little more difficult to attach”

—–Mark Rockshock

“just remember with those foot straps it’s harder to get off if you need to. These aren’t 10-15 pound snowboards that can really hurt you strapped to a 40-50 pound eskate. I ride bindings off road. I have been riding pretty hard for over five years. Mainly on mountain biking trails and it depends on the terrain but I mostly don’t wear bindings. People new to the sport DO NOT need them. I speak from experience.”

—-John Reese

Anyone who purchases an Ecomobl electric skateboard will receive free foot straps.

Foot straps or bindings are not necessary for riding an electric skateboard, but they can offer certain advantages depending on your riding style and the terrain. Here’s a detailed look at the pros and cons of using foot straps or bindings on an electric skateboard:

Pros of Using Foot Straps/Bindings

1. **Enhanced Control:** Foot straps can provide better control, especially when riding at high speeds or tackling rough terrain. They help keep your feet securely in place, allowing for more precise movements and stability.

2. **Safety:** For off-road electric skateboarding or downhill riding, foot straps can prevent your feet from slipping off the board, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

3. **Improved Performance:** Straps can aid in executing tricks and jumps, giving riders the confidence to push their limits without worrying about foot placement.

4. **Comfort:** For long-distance rides, foot straps can reduce foot fatigue by maintaining a consistent foot position, which can be more comfortable over extended periods.

Foot straps are indeed essential for jumping off-road on an electric skateboard.

While foot straps may not be necessary for all types of electric skateboarding, they are essential for off-road riding, particularly when jumping. They provide enhanced stability, control, and safety, which are critical for handling the unpredictable nature of rough terrain. Whether you are a seasoned rider or just starting to explore off-road skateboarding, foot straps can significantly improve your performance and overall riding experience.

Enhanced Stability and Control

1. **Secure Foot Placement:** Foot straps ensure that your feet stay firmly attached to the board, providing the stability needed when navigating uneven terrain. This is crucial for maintaining balance and control, especially during jumps.

2. **Precision in Maneuvering:** With your feet securely in place, you can make precise adjustments and control the board more effectively. This is important when making quick turns, avoiding obstacles, or adjusting your trajectory mid-air.

Improved Performance

1. **Higher Jumps:** Foot straps allow you to pull up the board with your feet, enabling higher and more controlled jumps. This can be especially beneficial for off-road terrain, where jumps and drops are common.

2. **Better Landings:** Landing can be tricky on rough terrain. Foot straps help keep your feet in the correct position upon landing, reducing the risk of missteps and ensuring a smoother, safer descent.

Safety Benefits

1. **Reduced Risk of Slippage:** On rugged trails, it’s easy for your feet to slip off the deck, which can lead to falls and injuries. Foot straps significantly reduce this risk by keeping your feet locked in place.

2. **Controlled Falls:** In case of an unexpected fall or bail-out, having foot straps can help you maintain some control over the board, potentially reducing the severity of the fall.

Comfort and Confidence

1. **Less Fatigue:** Foot straps can help distribute the impact of jumps and rough terrain more evenly, reducing fatigue and discomfort during long rides.

2. **Increased Confidence:** Knowing that your feet are securely attached to the board can boost your confidence, allowing you to tackle more challenging terrain and attempt more advanced maneuvers.

Cons of Using Foot Straps/Bindings

1. **Limited Mobility:** Foot straps can restrict your ability to quickly dismount or adjust your foot position, which might be necessary in certain riding situations, such as avoiding obstacles or bailing out during a fall.

2. **Learning Curve:** For beginners, using foot straps can feel uncomfortable and may add a level of complexity to the riding experience. Learning to ride without them first can help develop essential skills and balance.

3. **Inconvenience:** Attaching and adjusting foot straps can be time-consuming, and they might not be suitable for all types of rides, especially casual or leisurely cruises.

4. **Potential for Injury:** In the event of a crash or fall, foot straps could potentially increase the risk of ankle injuries, as your feet are more securely attached to the board.


Ultimately, whether or not to use foot straps or bindings on an electric skateboard comes down to personal preference and riding style. For casual riders and beginners, starting without straps can help build foundational skills and confidence. As you become more experienced and seek to tackle more challenging terrain or perform advanced maneuvers, foot straps can be a valuable addition to your setup. Always consider the specific context of your ride and weigh the benefits and drawbacks to make an informed decision that enhances your safety and enjoyment on the board.

Post time: 05-14-2024