Ecomobl electric skateboard video tutorials - Ecomobl Electric Skateboards USA

Here are some tutorials on YouTube


How to use Ecomobl’s latest E3 remote                    How to make your remote accelerator and brake more responsive 

Battery & Esc :

How to disassemble the battery case                                                                  How to replace battery and Esc 
How to install extra battery for ET, M24 series


How to install Ecomobl new pneumatic tires                                                           How do you take off the wheels


How to test the motor when there is only one motor turning                      How to Disassemble Ecomobl New Gear Motor
How we should lubricate with grease

Light & Antenna:


How to replace antenna and lighting control system                                                    How to replace the antenna

Post time: 07-03-2024