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    Electric Longboard Series

    Experience the thrill of the ride with our electric longboard series. Specially crafted for stability and speed, each board in our collection offers top-of-the-line performance and sleek design. Browse now at Ecomobl.

    Electric Mountain Board Series

    Shred mountain trails like never before on the ECOMOBL mountain board. Go 40-60km on a single charge at speeds up to 55km/h while easily handling 47%-57% grades, thanks to its massive 15kW dual motor system and large 24Ah battery. Featuring a durable carbon fiber deck, interchangeable 2-in-1 pneumatic and solid tires, waterproof IP67 design, powerful remote and long-range performance - it's ready to legendary adventures.

    Off-Road Electric Skateboard Series

    Elevate your ride with the ultimate in control and comfort - the ECOMOBL off-road electric skateboard series. Explore our collection and experience unmatched performance today.