Ecomobl has a vast video library full of tutorials regarding repair and routine maintenance. Some of the most used are listed below. Please visit our youtube page to see the full library or just send us a note and we will link you to the appropriate resources you’ll need for the situation you are trying to address.


If you have other questions regarding after-sales or skateboard usage, please feel free to send us an email. If you are doing repairs or maintenance, Don’t worry, the team at ecomobl will always be here to help,the videos are just an added bonus. Our customer service is paramount and we enjoy building relationships with our customers. Please contact our staff in a timely manner and we will reply to you within 12 hours. Our goal is to bring you a positive and enriching shopping and skateboarding experience.


Please follow the tips below to ensure a safe riding experience.
● Move the throttle wheel slowly.
● Keep your center of gravity low.
● Tilt forward when accelerating.
● Tilt backward when braking.


If you have any questions or are interested in being a sales agent or wholesale distributor, please feel free to contact us.
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Whenever you ride on a board, it may cause death or serious injury due to loss of control, collision and falls. In order to ride safely, you must read and follow the instructions.

● Always wear a helmet when riding. When you ride for the first time, please find an open and flat area with a clean area. Avoid water, wet surfaces, slippery, uneven surfaces, steep hills, traffic, cracks, tracks, gravel, rocks, or any obstacles that may cause a drop in traction and cause a fall. Avoid riding at night, areas with poor visibility and tight spaces.
● Do not ride on hillsides or slopes exceeding 10 degrees. Do not drive at a speed that cannot safely control the skateboard. Avoid water. Your board is not completely waterproof, you can easily go through the puddles but don’t soak the board in the water. keep fingers, hair and clothing away from motors, wheels and all moving parts. Don’t open or tamper with electronics housing.
● Observe the laws and regulations of your country. Respect other drivers and pedestrians on the road. Avoid riding in heavy traffic and crowded places. Do not stop your board in a way that obstructs people or traffic, otherwise it may cause safety problems. Cross the road at the designated crosswalk or signalized intersection. When riding with other riders, keep a safe distance from them and other transportation equipment. Identify and stay away from hazards and obstacles on the road. Do not ride skateboards on private property unless permission is granted.


These communities are for all Ecomobl customers and followers. Please feel free to ask as many questions as you need. Sales, repair, modification, we are here to assist. We pride ourselves on the community we are building and hope you enjoy your experience as a member of the Ecomobl family.


● Perform frequent maintenance checks to ensure that all screws are tightened before riding. Clean the bearings regularly. Please turn off the board and controller when not in use. Charge the battery in a well-ventilated place. Keep the skateboard away from other objects while charging. Don’t charge the battery in area with might wet the board or charging units. Don’t leave the board charging unattended. Stop using the product or charging unit if any wire is damaged. Only use the charging units supplied by us. Don’t use the board battery to power any other equipment. When not using the skateboard, please place the skateboard in an open area.
● Each time before riding the board, carefully check the battery pack and the protective seal. Make it is undamaged and intact. If in doubt, take the battery to a chemical waste disposal facility. Never drop the board.
● Store board with battery in a dry place.Never expose the battery to temperature above 70 Celsius degrees. Only use official board charger for charging board battery.Do not make the board work while charging.
● If you do not use the skateboard for a long time, please leave more than 50% of the battery power.
● When the skateboard battery is full, disconnect the charger. After each ride, please leave some power to the battery. Do not ride the board until the battery is empty.