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Ecomobl M24 PRO 2-IN-1 4WD Samsung 40T 12S5P Real All Terrain Electric Skateboard – Delivered within a week - Ecomobl

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  • Range: 40-50 km | 25-30 miles (Rider: 65kg)
  • Max speed: 45-50 km/h | 27-30 mph
  • Incline: 47%-55% Gradient
  • Dimension: 46in x 19in x 12in
  • Weight: 60-65 lbs
  • Rider weight limit: 330 lbs
  • Charge time: 4-6 hrs (with 5amp charger)
  • Light: Head light, tail light, body lights
  • Remote: Remote with screen
  • Wheel size: 10” wheels
  • Deck: 9 layer maple + 2 layer fiber glass
  • Waterproof rating: IP56


  • Unique Suspension System: Good Shock Resistance
  • Drive: All-Wheel Drive
  • Battery: Samsung 40T 12S5P 20Ah
  • Motor: 6382 Motor * 4
  • Drivetrain: Planetary Gear Drive
  • ESC: 60A x 2
  • Brakes: Regenerative (Restore 22% of battery)

Product details


  • RANGE 12S5P

    RANGE 12S5P

    20Ah 40-50 km



    14000 Watts



    45-50 km/h




    Head, body, tail



    10" Wheels



    5amp charger


  • Range: 40-50 km | 25-30 miles (Rider: 65kg)
  • Max speed: 45-50 km/h | 27-30 mph
  • Incline: 47%-55% Gradient
  • Dimension: 46in x 19in x 12in
  • Weight: 60-65 lbs
  • Rider weight limit: 330 lbs
  • Charge time: 4-6 hrs (with 5amp charger)
  • Light: Head light, tail light, body lights
  • Remote: Remote with screen
  • Wheel size: 10” wheels
  • Deck: 9 layer maple + 2 layer fiber glass
  • Waterproof rating: IP56


  • Unique Suspension System: Good Shock Resistance
  • Drive: All-Wheel Drive
  • Battery: Samsung 40T 12S5P 20Ah
  • Motor: 6382 Motor * 4
  • Drivetrain: Planetary Gear Drive
  • ESC: 60A x 2
  • Brakes: Regenerative (Restore 22% of battery)
  • Community

    ★ These communities are for all Ecomobl customers and followers. Please feel free to ask as many questions as you need. Sales, repair, modification, we are here to assist.
    ★We pride ourselves on the community we are building and hope you enjoy your experience as a member of the Ecomobl family.

    Click on the following links:
    1. You can join our Facebook community:
    facebook Ecomobl official group.
    2. Please follow our YouTube channel for video support:
    youtube Ecomobl electric skateboard

  • Maintenance

    All machine requires maintenance and care.

    Ecomobl boards are off road boards and take quite a bit of vibration when used in their natural environment. Check your bolts and screws regularly to see if they are loose. It will save you headaches down the road. If you follow up by being great owners, these boards would serve us for a long time.

    Safe riding guys!


    Quick PSA: Battery Care Guide

    All modern electric skateboards run on lithium batteries. These type batteries offer a significant amount of storage and discharge rate in a very small package. Good care is crucial to extending the battery’s life span and ensuring that it continues to perform. Keep in mind this is not unique to Ecomobl’s boards but would apply to all consumer electronics running on lithium batteries.

    ★ Do not completely discharge or overcharge

    Over charging / discharging will cause permanent damage to your battery!

    Each battery pack comes with a Battery Management System (BMS) that helps avoid over charging / discharge. There are however scenarios that will still cause an over charge / discharge to occur.

    ★ Over Charging – As the board operates on regenerative braking, avoid intense braking (such as braking downhill) when the battery is fully charged. This can cause the BMS to temporarily shut off the board to prevent overcharge.

    ★ Over Discharge – Avoid running the board’s battery to empty. If you do,charge it back up to 70% as soon as possible. Never store a full discharged board for an extended period of time.

    Avoid extreme temperatures

    ★ Batteries operate best between 50° to 95° F (10° to 35° C) ambient temperatures.

    ★ They should be stored between -4° to 113° F (-20° to 45° C).

    Keep the battery at 70% charge for long term storage

    Never store a board fully charged or fully discharged.

    A battery could fall into a deep discharge state when stored fully discharged. This will render it incapable of holding a charge.

    A battery stored fully charged will lose some capacity, leading to shorter battery life.

  • Shipping & Tax

    ★ Country:
    We can ship for the United States, Europe, Canada, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Asian countries, Mexico etc.
    For other places, please consult us.
    ★→→→Shipping – How it works? – Please make sure you have read it.

    ★ Tax included:
    EU, America, Australia, Southeast Asia.
    If you are in other countries, please consult us before purchasing.

    • ★ Special Integrated Cool Lighting System

      1.It has headlight, taillight and bodylight which are integrated into the internal part of the board, it’s different from the lights of other boards on the market.

      2.The lights are pretty bright that is able to totally satisfy your riding experience. Blinking taillights and bodylights can attract people’s eyes.

    • ★ Best Samsung 40T Battery, Gets More Range & Power

      It has extremely high continuous amp discharge rates, ensures powerful torque which translates to better hill climbing, better movement of larger riders, faster launch accelerations and more power for the M24PRO’s dual 60 amp ESCs to tap into.

    • ★ High Quality Canadian Maple Deck

      It adopts 9 layers Canadian premium maple and 2 layers fiberglass for a total of 11 layers, which is thicker and stronger than other decks on the market. The double drop down deck keeps your center of gravity lower, making it easier to keep your feet firmly on the deck.

    • ★ Ecomobl’s Innovation Design Regarding Wheels

      1.Our revolutionary planetary gear motor positioning changes the rule of the game. Our wheels made full use of the dead space in the wheel hub.

      2.This design protects the motor and establishes a cleaner and more streamline performance at the same time.

    • ★ The Newest Waterproof ESC On The Market

      1.This ESC is configured at 60 Amps in order to provide amazing acceleration and hill climbing ability.

      2.It has comprehensive function and wonderful power transmission as well as accurate regulation of movement and braking. It gives you steady acceleration, braking control.

    • ★ Solid Aluminum CNC Parts.

      1.All parts of the skateboard are made from top aviation aluminum through CNC process.

      2.Therefore, the precision and toughness of these parts are excellent, and they can absolutely guarantee your safety in riding.


    • 01

      It's the unique suspension e-board on the market. Its suspensions can greatly reduce the vibration from the rough road that can reduce vibration by up to 80%, which enables you to handle all terrain better than other skateboards.

    • 02

      14000W extreme high power extreme high torque motors. It is driven by four 3500 Watt motors and dual 60A ESCs, which can accelerate its speed up to 35 mph. And help you conquer 47%-55% slope.

    • 03

      It is the only suspension board on the market that integrates the lights on to the truck. It is quite easy for you to ride at nighttime with it. The combination of suspension system and integrated wheels gives it impeccable appearance.

    • 04

      It's a beast machine built with one purpose, to go offroad. We gave the pro bigger tires for more clearance, a wider and longer deck for better stability, and the rider can make a sharp turn. Comparing the M24 Pro to other AT boards on the market is like comparing a monster truck to your mom’s SUV.

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      • M24 PRO electric skateboard * 1
      • 250mm*90mm wheels * 4
      • Screen remote * 1
      • Standard charger * 1
      • Ecomobl Bag * 1
      • Tools * 1
      • Instruction manual * 1
      • Extra green springs * 4

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    • David S.

      This is not your average skateboard, but that's exactly what lead me to talk with the team at Ecomobl and find out that this indeed was the board for me. I wanted a board that could accommodate my 106kg (233lbs) rider weight, and that had more power than the previous boards that I had owned, I'm happy to say that this board provides that in abundance! The torque is amazing yet completely controllable via the current ESCs and updated remote, I can very smoothly accelerate from a stand still, no violent jerkiness from the board, the same can be said with braking. The suspension system works VERY well, I have thoroughly tested this and was pleased at the performance alongside the ability to be able to fine tune the ride feel depending on what type of surface I was riding on, whether that was rutted unsealed dirt tracks or sealed road surfaces, I could dial it in to suit. There are optional springs to adjust the steering throw when you lean into the board, for technical rides that require a more agile setup, you can choose either blue or red springs and for stability with straight line speed, it is recommended to put green springs in the rear of the board to prevent any wobbles. To further enhance the boards stability or turning characteristics, you can adjust the toe in/toe out angle of the wheels via the turnbuckle system located in the independent suspension arm assembly. The planetary gearing around these huge motors provides amazing torque that can get even a heavy rider like me up really steep off road inclines confidently. The top speed is true to what is advertised, 32mph or approx 50kmh and once the ride characteristics have been dialed in, it feels reasonably nimble at a decent speed. Make no mistake, this board will never be a carving street board like some of the other "all terrain" skateboards out there, this is developed to be able to tackle unsealed roads and trails with power, control and surprisingly, comfort. It is a heavy board, but making use of the included foot straps allows me to really get the most out of this board and gives a whole other level of control which is needed when riding something this big and powerful. The built in LED lights are not only a nice touch and make it look really cool, they are really functional as well, the tail lights have a nice multi-colored effect and the headlights are really bright... forget shredlights, the built in lights are insanely bright, AWESOME!! The real world range will vary between ride style/rider weight/terrain if you are in the same position as me where you are heavy, like to ride fast and off road on trails that are mixed incline, then you are likely to get 20km out of a battery or (12.4 miles) this is where the consideration to adapt a top mounted battery extension may come into play if you want to ride longer trips. Customer service.... This is a big one! and again, I'm really pleased with the level of communication from the team at Ecomobl, they have multiple forms of communication through their social media channels on Facebook and are very quick to respond, given the fast growing customer base and online community it's very impressive to see just how quickly my questions were answered, and also how prompt the follow up service is. For example, during maintenance of my board, I made a mistake and damaged a component, I reached out to Ecomobl support and within 1 hour I had a solution to my problem and the replacement part that I needed was in a parcel, on it's way to my door.... Thank you Ecomobl, I'm not sure if you get how truly important the follow up service is to us customers.... well, you must, because you consistently get this supremely important factor right! Would I recommend this board to others??... Abso-frikking-lutely yes! Just make sure you are aware that this board is not a turn on a dime type of thing, it is for those that are seeking some back country exploring with speed and power to boot, add this to your collection of boards as a weekend basher, or even as a daily commuter. Join the growing community of happy M24 owners and share your adventures with us in the facebook group, there are heaps of educational videos and a whole bunch of fun uploads showing what these boards are capable of! DO IT

    • Roland K.

      Of course everyone has the best board. I have some boards. But with the M24 I definitely have the most and the longest fun. Now I have driven 700km and still have zero problems. It is great fun to climb the steepest slopes and to come down safely with the 4WD. I mostly ride off-road and the M24 is the perfect board for it. I have a couple of Eskates, the M24 is my big favorite! I love it !!

    • Afakasi

      I hadn't heard of but saw a lot of really great reviews. The glowing reviews and customer service sold me, so I'll cover my experience with this board. - Portability. It takes up a little space, and it can stand up on the bus, easily, or under the table at a restaurant. If you live in a city where skateboard are a highly controversial topic, I recommend getting the cover for your own peace of mind. Half the people in Denver vehemently hate eboards so I was scared to take it inside places lol.. But, nothing can stop me. - Customer service. Ecomobl bends over backwards for their customers. No matter what the problem is, just take a video to them and they will solve it for you. And it is very convenient to communicate with them, you can call or email them, or chat with them on Facebook. So if you have any problems, you can count on them to take care of it for you. - Sturdy. My board ended up hitting a car going by when I couldn't stop. I was sure that it would be totalled. Uh. I think I was damaged more than the board lol. The light shattered and there were some scrapes to the hub, but otherwise it was fine. Very impressed! - Range and Speed (GPS) +in my test it lasted about ~26 miles, pretty close to advertised on relatively flat ground +it seems to charge within a few hours pretty uneventfully +speed is over 28mph +MOTOR X 4, it use TWO 50A esc, very very powerful it's too early to comment on the long term battery life. But I am sure they use the samsung battery for it, because i HAVE opend the battery box. Lol... MEH: - I wanted it to go faster until I crashed the thing and couldn't lift my arm for a week. I'm fine with the speed now lol. Wear your helmets!! All in all, It has more power, a more comfortable deck and much more secure feeling brakes. Its made my commute faster and more fun and I look forward to riding it, so far I think it's a really good product.

    • Jackie

      At first I was a little scared riding the skateboard, because It has 4 motors, total power over 14k watts!! But as time went on I felt more and more comfortable on it. Battery life is pretty good not amazing but it will do the job description says up to 2-3 hours ride time thats about accurate. AND I did find that over time the skateboard started dying longer than when I first started riding it. This shows that they really use a very good battery! Samsung 50E battery. Pretty smooth ride push remote gear with top speeds up to 29 mph( well not if your a heavier adult over 235lbs) there is definitely a difference in speed when you rides it and then when I ride it. The deck is pretty comfortable and I also do like the big rubber tires it helps with stability and helps with a smoother ride. Other than that this is a good value skateboard build and quality is very impressive and is very comfortable and fun for everyone!! plus this makes as a great gift that im sure you will LOVE!! ;)

    • John Locke

      Great starter e-board for the money. This was actually my first electric skateboard. I found this brand on YouTube. Then I decided to purchase a M24 Pro through the official website and only took 1 week to receive the package. It came with brand new condition(all new parts). I weigh around 200 lbs and I was only at the speed 2 mode. Therefore, the board had plenty of torque thanks to the 3050 Watts motors (12200 Watts total!). It said the waterproof rating is IP 56 so I rode through some puddles after a rainy day and it didn’t affect the board at all. Very satisfied with my purchase ! Im gonna recommend this board to my friends as well ~

    • Matthew

      I had to go into work before UPS dropped my board off, just got home & opened it. I'm speechless, & I have motor mouth that even surprises me. I knew it was bigger, but WOW. My Mini can tackle some insane obstacles, I have no doubt this one's gonna decimate anything, I just gotta keep on top of it & upright. No joke, I love it already. To top it off this kinda micro drop deck is my all time favorite board. Thank you bro, between this & the Mini middle age is turning out to be a blast. Thanks for the hat & shirt, too, that was an awesome surprise. Again, thanks man. I may build ppl whatever they want, but I'll never ride anything but Ecomobl.

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