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Electric skateboards have grown tremendously in popularity recently as a fun, convenient, and environmentally friendly way to travel short to medium distances. Electric skateboards were once just a niche hobby, but now they can be seen everywhere on bicycle paths and roads in cities and suburbs around the world. Their quiet electric motors make cruising effortless while eliminating emissions. However, for many new riders, balancing and steering such a board initially without the stability of handlebars can feel daunting.

This guide addresses that challenge by exploring the benefits of electric skateboards equipped with handles. It will outline factors to consider when selecting a high-quality handled e-board and provide tips for proper riding technique and routine maintenance. Following the best practices covered should allow new riders to smoothly progress their skills on a handled electric skateboard until they can confidently cruise hands-free.
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Benefits of Handles on Electric Skateboards

Handles add an essential element of security and control for beginners tackling their first electric skateboard. They give riders something solid to hold onto with both hands while mastering balancing and turning—skills that don’t come naturally at first. This extra stability is invaluable when focusing on the new sensations under your feet on the rolling deck. Handles also make maneuvering the board much easier when you’re not actively riding it. You can easily lift, rotate, and carry the board without worrying about losing balance. Handles lend extra confidence to new riders as they steadily improve their skills. They allow experimenting with different hand positions, like only using one hand to stay upright or holding an item in the other. Overall, handles make electric skateboarding more approachable and less intimidating for anyone just starting.

What to Look for in a Handled E-Board

When shopping for a high-quality handled electric skateboard, consider features like the following: Handle design—whether fixed, retractable, or adjustable affects its use. Seek handles made of durable materials like aluminum that withstand wear without bending. Comfortable, non-slip grips feel secure in your hands. The e-board should provide steady speed, acceleration when needed, effective braking, and a long-lasting battery. Check the weight limit to accommodate riders up to typically 180-220 pounds. Wider, softer wheels and a stiff deck offer comfortable rides over pavement. Safety additions such as lights and reflectors help operators see and be seen easily. Taking the time to analyze these characteristics will help find a handled e-board setup for smooth travels.

ECOMOBL Off-road e-skateboard

Riding Tips for Handled E-Boards

Once outfitted with a high-quality handled electric skateboard, practicing proper riding technique keeps you in control: Stand with your back foot firmly planted and your front foot perpendicular at the nose for balance. Grip the handle lightly but securely with your dominant hand while keeping your arm somewhat loose. Your free arm can counter minor swaying as needed. Bend knees to cushion impacts from the road surface. Turn by leaning your body slightly in the direction while maintaining a handle hold for support. Accelerate and brake gently to avoid sudden jerks that could throw off your equilibrium. Step carefully foot-by-foot once fully stopped to safely get on and off the board. With regular practice of controlled movements, you’ll be cruising with growing confidence in no time.

Maintaining Your Handled Electric Skateboard

Caring for your handled e-board helps maximize its performance and lifespan:

  • Fully charge the battery before and after each excursion to keep it in optimal condition—don’t let it drain entirely.
  • Check for loose screws and ensure wheels, belts, and other working parts are fastened securely before riding.
  • Give the deck and grip tape a quick clean with a damp cloth to maintain traction.
  • Replace worn wheels promptly for consistent riding quality and balance.
  • When storing, choose a dry indoor location away from temperature fluctuations to preserve battery health and avoid corrosion of metal components.


In conclusion, handled electric skateboards lower the entry barrier for enjoying this exciting new way of personal transportation. Their handles supply stability and support novice riders to gain fundamental balancing and steering skills. Taking time to choose a high-quality handled e-board and adequately maintaining it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations helps maximize safety. Practicing controlled riding techniques with the handle’s assistance allows a smooth progression of abilities. Once competently handling manual board control, handles retain usefulness like giving young passengers stability aids. With the right preparation and practice outlined here, anyone can experience the thrill of electric skateboarding more easily, thanks to the security of a trusty handle!

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Post time: 09-04-2023