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Electric skateboard Q&A

1.Q: Is it possible for people who have never skateboarded to ride an electric skateboard?


A: According to our statistics, 80% of the players who come to experience the test ride have never touched a skateboard. Depending on each person’s personality and balance ability, they can usually get started in 10-30 minutes and control the forward, braking, and Turn left and right.

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2.Q: Which e-board should I choose? Should I choose a long one or a short one?


A: There are many styles of electric skateboards at present. As for how to choose, it mainly depends on personal needs. Generally speaking, we can distinguish between long boards and fish boards. Fish boards are longer and shorter, so they are lighter and the steering will be more sensitive. It is easy to turn in a small space; the long board is longer than the fish board and will be smoother when driving. In addition to being easier for novices to use, it also feels safer when driving at high speeds than the fish board (because it is long and wide enough) , and secondly, the length of the l can maintain the elasticity of the maple board itself, so it is more comfortable while traveling. .

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3.Q: Is the electric skateboard waterproof? Can it be driven in rainy days or wetlands?


A: Our Ecomobl electric skateboard and most electric skateboards currently on the market are IP54 protection level, which is dustproof and water-proof. However, it is strongly recommended to avoid driving in wetlands. On the one hand, it may cause short circuit of the motor and rust of components. On the one hand, there are safety concerns. PU wheels have very poor grip in wet areas and can easily slip and fail to stop the car.


4Q: When the electric skateboard is out of power, can it be used as a regular skateboard?


A: When the electric skateboard is not turned on or has no power, it can be used as a normal skateboard to glide with your feet. There is no need to worry about affecting the motor or battery. However, currently, the power of electric skateboards is divided into two driving methods: hub and belt. The hub motor (the motor is inside the wheel) will have less resistance than the belt type, so the human-powered skateboard will be closer to a normal skateboard in a power-free state.


5.Q: How to distinguish the battery capacity of electric skateboards?


A: Batteries not only have different capacities, but also different voltages. The higher the capacity, the farther you can travel (for example: 8800mah capacity is greater than 4400mah); with the same motor, the higher the voltage, the faster you can run and the ability to climb hills. Stronger. (For example: 36V voltage output will be more powerful than 25.2V)

Electric skate boards in the snow

6.Q: What are the differences between single drive and dual drive? How to choose?


A: Single drive and dual drive means – single motor drive and dual motor drive. The biggest difference is that in terms of power, it is like a 50cc and 125cc motorcycle. In addition to being more powerful at starting and climbing, the top speed will be higher; the other is the braking part. The braking of electric skateboards relies on motors, so the braking distance of dual motors will be shorter than that of single motors. Therefore, dual motors can brake better in emergencies or when going downhill; and when single-drive skateboards turn, the braking distance will be shorter than that of single motors. The drive wheel is on the right. When turning left, the angle may be too large, and the center of gravity is on the left. At this time, the right drive wheel may be suspended in the air and spin, causing intermittent power problems.


7.Q: Can e- skateboards be driven on general roads?


A: Electric skateboards are still relatively rare in Taiwan, and their visibility on the road is also low. Although no one has been fined for driving on the road so far, due to safety considerations for users and others, it is still not recommended to use them on ordinary roads. travel. (Additional: Scooters, inline skates, skates, etc. are all [sports equipment] or leisure products. If driven on the road, a fine of 300 to 3,600 yuan will be imposed according to the law)

8.Q: What are the maintenance issues for electric skateboards and batteries?


A: Electric skateboards do not require special maintenance or oiling. Avoid driving in wet areas or doing competitive actions (jumping, going down stairs…); PU wheels are wear-resistant but soft, so avoid using them on sharp roads. Driving on gravel roads; the battery part can be charged at any time after use. Most chargers today have overcharge protection. However, for safety reasons, it is recommended to unplug the battery after it is fully charged. It is also strongly recommended to avoid charging overnight. The best storage state of lithium batteries is 70% of the battery. If the battery is not used for a long time, it is recommended to keep the battery at 60-80%. The best way to take care of the battery is to avoid excessive discharge, that is, try not to completely use up the battery. If it is used up, it should be charged immediately. (If the battery is exhausted and left without charging, the battery will be damaged easily and the power storage capacity will decline significantly)


9.Q: What is the difference between hub motor and belt drive?


A: Wheel hub motor – the motor drives the wheel inside the wheel. In addition to its simple and beautiful appearance, it is also easier to maintain and dust-proof. It reduces additional power consumption than a belt-driven external motor, so it is more energy-saving and quieter.


External motor – the wheel set is run by a belt, and is not limited by the size and space of the hub motor. It can achieve higher power operation efficiency, but it also consumes more energy and electricity; the belt drive resistance is large, if It is more difficult to skate with your feet as a general skateboard than with a hub motor.

10.Q: Will the electric skateboard brakes very quickly? Will people be sprayed out?


A: The advancement and braking of the electric skateboard are controlled by the remote control on the hand. The driver himself should be mentally prepared to advance and brake, so as long as he is familiar with the skateboard operation and body balance, and the wheel hub motor of the Ez-board has It has soft start and slow braking functions, so driving the E-board electric skateboard is not as difficult as imagined.

11.Q:Wheel size and material selection?


A: In addition to off-road boards, electric skateboards use 200MM pneumatic tires. Currently, most of them use PU wheels. Common sizes include diameters of 70MM, 83MM, 90MM, and 97MM. The larger the size of the power wheel, the larger the motor that can be inserted. , relatively it can also achieve higher efficiency output (run faster and more powerfully), because the diameter is larger, the road feel is also more comfortable than small diameter wheels.


12.Q: What’s the difference between the battery’s origin?


A: At present, most electric skateboard batteries are composed of multiple 18650 cylindrical lithium batteries.

(TESLA and GOGORO also use 18650). The more common origins of their battery cells on the market can be divided into mainland-made and Korean-made. Because imported (Korean-made) batteries are assembled into finished batteries in mainland China, higher tariffs are required, so the market The cost of Korean-made batteries in sold batteries is higher than that of mainland-made batteries. At present, mainland-made battery technology is getting stronger and stronger. There are also many mainland-made battery manufacturers, and their quality and charging cycle times are no longer inferior to Korean-made batteries. , so this part depends on the player’s preferences. Those who want a high CP value will consider Chinese-made batteries, and for brand reasons, they can consider Korean-made batteries. E-board can provide two types of batteries from different origins for buyers to choose from.


13.Q: Are electric skateboards dangerous?


A: Skateboarding is inherently dangerous and has plenty of power, so you must pay attention to safety when using it. Precautions should be prepared beforehand. A full set of protective gear, gloves, and helmets can make players safer. Have fun.


14.Q: What is the age limit for electric skateboards? Can children play?


A: Since electric skateboards have sufficient power, if they are used by children, it is recommended that parents accompany them throughout the ride and provide sufficient safety concepts (personal safety education for themselves and others), so as to protect the children without affecting the safety of others.

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