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Have you ever ridden an off-road electric skateboard in the mountains


Ecomobl is a powerful electric skateboard that can adapt to a variety of terrains and can easily climb mountains after replacing off-road tires.


There are many ways to commute in big cities. Not to mention cars and subways, shared bicycles are also very popular. Electric walkers and skateboards were also popular for a while, but due to safety risks, they were banned from use in cities in many countries. Thinking about it, it actually killed a kind of fun. In fact, if we are not allowed to play on city roads, we can change places, such as mountains. Of course, you need to have a powerful electric skateboard, such as Ecomobl.

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How about it? Just looking at these wheels is domineering enough, no less than an off-road vehicle. The Ecomobl has strong power and wheels that adapt to the terrain. It can reach a speed of 39 kilometers per hour. It can be said that climbing mountains on it feels like lightning.

OffRoad Electric skateboarding at Venice Beach

The military-grade T700 carbon fiber body allows Ecomobl to be both lightweight and sturdy at the same time. It also supports IPX7 waterproofing, so you can travel through mountains and rivers without fear.


At the same time, it is also equipped with two-wheel or four-wheel drive, which can adapt to rugged mountain roads; what’s even cooler is that users can also change the wheels according to needs, such as urban commuting or mountain wheels, the latter can even cope with at least 24 kilometers of mountain roads. Shuttle, the built-in Tesla battery provides excellent stability and endurance.


No need to worry about walking at night. Ecomobl Electric Skateboard directly integrates white LED headlights and red taillights. Whether it is front road lighting or rear reminder, it is very powerful and allows users to drive safer.

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Of course, Ecomobl also supports mobile apps. After connecting, you can check the battery life and mileage. Of course, you can also adjust the speed and mode, which is very user-friendly. It also has a built-in GPS. If you can’t find the skateboard, just open the app and locate it! Oh, by the way, Ecomobl also has a built-in USB interface. When the phone is out of power, it can instantly become a mobile power supply. How convenient you say.


The price of Ecomobl is cheaper than I expected. The two-wheel drive version (Mountain Board Ripper 2WD 12S4P All Terrain Electric Skateboard) is $1199.00, and the four-wheel drive version (Mountain Board Telum PRO 4WD Samsung 40T 12S6P Off-Road Electric Skateboard) is $2,999. . In addition, if you are going to climb mountains on it, it is best to buy off-road wheels.


Mountain Board Ripper 2WD 12S4P All Terrain Electric Skateboard: https://www.ecomobl.com/product/ecomobl-ripper-all-terrain-electric-mountain-skateboard-delivered-within-a-week/ 


Mountain Board Telum PRO 4WD Samsung 40T 12S6P Off-Road Electric Skateboard: https://www.ecomobl.com/product/ecomobl-telum-ba-2in1-electric-mountainboard-new-arrivals/

Post time: 01-18-2024