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Here are some suggestions for My First Time Riding an Electric Mountain Board

Electric Mountain Board

1. Choose a skateboard suitable for mountain terrain:

Compared with ordinary skateboards, mountain skateboards usually have a stronger chassis and stronger grip, making them suitable for driving on uneven terrain.

This is the best skateboard for mountains: Ecomobl Telum BA Electric Mountainboard

Ecomobl Telum BA Electric Mountainboard

It uses SAMSUNG – 40T 12S6P Battery, Gets More Range & Power which transfers to better hill climbing, better movement of larger riders, quicker launch accelerations and more power.

Additionally, This ESC is configured at 65 Amps in order to provide amazing acceleration and hill climbing ability.

All parts of the mountain board are made from top aviation aluminum through CNC process.

Therefore, the precision and toughness of these parts are excellent, and they can absolutely guarantee your safety in riding.

How much of  Mountain Board Telum BA 2-IN-1 4WD Samsung 40T 12S6P 

2. Be familiar with the characteristics of mountains:

When riding in mountains, you must understand the terrain and road conditions, and master how to deal with steep slopes, curves and uneven roads.

Riding electric skateboard longboard esk8 on Mountain Peaks

3. Adjust the settings of the electric skateboard:

According to the terrain and riding habits, adjust the driving speed, power and stability settings of the electric skateboard to ensure safe and smooth driving.

electric skateboard

4. Keep your balance:

When mountain biking, maintaining your balance is crucial. Try to use your arms and legs for stability, and be ready to adjust your center of gravity at any time.

5. Drive slowly:

When riding in the mountains, be especially careful, especially on steep slopes and curves. Maintain a low speed and be ready to brake at all times.

6. Avoid obstacles:

While driving, pay attention to obstacles in front and on both sides, such as trees, stones or other obstacles. Try to avoid getting close to these obstacles to avoid accidents.

7. Wear Proper Gear:

Wear comfortable, mountain-appropriate shoes and clothing to ensure a safe and comfortable riding experience.


When using an Electric Mountainboards, is it better to choose a single drive or a dual drive?

Dual-wheel drive electric skateboards are better because they are safer and more powerful. Dual-wheel drive: accelerates quickly and climbs hard, but is heavier than single-wheel drive and has a shorter battery life.

Single drive: The performance is not as good as dual drive, and there will be a certain degree of deflection, but it is lighter and has longer battery life.

Single-drive electric skateboards and dual-drive electric skateboards are suitable for different driving situations. In terms of power, there is not much difference between the two. In terms of energy consumption, specific analysis is required. If you usually only travel as a means of transportation and the road conditions are good, it is recommended Choose a single-drive electric skateboard. On the contrary, when the road conditions are steep and the load is large, it is recommended to choose a dual-drive electric skateboard.

In the case of large slopes, exceeding the rated power of a single-drive electric skateboard will result in more power consumption and insufficient power. However, a dual-drive electric skateboard will be driven by the combined force of two motors, making it easier to climb hills and save more power. .

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