Electric Skateboard Maintenance: Tips for Maximum Performance - Ecomobl Electric Skateboards USA

Today, we are gonna talk about how should we maintain our boards. As I know, some people might blame on the quality of boards without regular maintenance when their boards are broken. Just wanna let you know, maintenance is one of the most important things you cannot ignore. Every electric skateboard is just like our cars, they belong to consumables. Just like our skin as well, if we do not take good care of it, then it will get worse day by day. So, how to maintain a board well?

1. In our daily use, we need to check the wheel regularly as it is the most easily worn place. As long as you realized that any screw is loose or wheel is unstable, don’t forget to tighten any screws and fasten the wheel to avoid any potential risks.

2. Our boards should be placed at somewhere airy and shady, stayed away from sun exposure and we need to pay attention to waterproof as well. Otherwise the service life of your board will be reduced

3. Use the charger that fits your board or provided by us, and never overcharge. It’s better to charge your board at airy and shady place, avoid high temperature and damp. And remember to stay away from water when you are charging.

4. Please fully charge before using, only sufficient power would enable our boards to make full use of its power. Remember to unplug the charger once it’s fully charged. Never charge overnight. Overcharge or not fully charged both might cause consumption to the life span of our battery. If you are not going to ride on you board for a long term, don’t forget to charge it regularly, just for avoiding power depletion. Meanwhile, don’t try to tear down the battery casually.

5. Turn off your board when you are washing it with water(using wet rags). Make sure there is no water came into your board.

Post time: 04-26-2022