Why there are three different springs ? - Ecomobl Electric Skateboards USA

Most of you might realize that there are 3 different types of springs, green ones, red ones, and blue ones. Usually, your boards will come with red springs. Springs are the essential parts of making up a functional mountain skateboard. Even if you choose to build a diy electric skateboard, springs are the basic component.



Obviously, springs can help riders achieve some special function such as jumping. There are lots of brands on the market using springs for their mountain boards, such as meepo electric skateboard, baja board, trampa boards and backfire boards etc.

So you might wanna ask, what are the springs used for? First, springs are placed on the truck for adjusting the steering ability according to riders’ individual weight. Riders can choose to use blue spings, red springs, and even green springs according to their situation. Different springs have different hardness.The blue springs are the softest, the red ones are the moderate type, and the green springs are the hardest. Some people even complain that the blue springs are too hard while some people complain that the green springs are too soft.. lol

As for myself, I prefer to use the blue springs which are the most comfortable ones for me. And my weight is around 200lbs. Compared with other two springs, blue springs could give you the best steering ability and appropriate performance even if red springs and green springs have better stability but blue springs are totally enough. But if you pursue riding at a very high speed, please use red or green springs in order to keep the best stability, although it would lose some flexibility.-By and large, blue springs are for better steering ability. Red and green springs are for better stability especially at a very high speed.

Normally, if you bought any boards from us, you will receive three types of the springs for you to choose. If you don’t know how to change the springs, you can absolutely contact us via email : [email protected] Feel free to contact us anytime. We will send you tutorials about the springs so you don’t need to worry at all.

Post time: 07-15-2022