The Ultimate Ride: Ecomobl Telum Electric Mountainboard - Ecomobl Electric Skateboards USA


Hardcore electric skateboarders often assert that a high-performance electric skateboard should be a Trampa build. These boards, crafted from flexible carbon fiber with a high camber deck, feature big pneumatic wheels and powerful belt or gear drive motors. Typically, there’s also an electronic box on the top side of the deck.

While a Trampa build may not have the sleek and polished look that appeals to casual riders, it is an iconic design that promises unparalleled performance.

Introducing the Ecomobl Telum

Now, Ecomobl, a brand renowned for its affordable all-terrain electric skateboards, has introduced its very own electric mountainboard with this iconic look: the Ecomobl Telum. Priced at $1799, the Ecomobl Telum is a powerhouse in the electric mountainboard market. And yes, $1799 is considered affordable for an electric mountainboard with this build and specs.

Ecomobl Telum Build and Specs

  • Deck: Carbon fiber deck; flexible with high camber; comes with detachable foot bindings
  • Electronic Speed Controller (ESC): 12s LingYi ESC; 4-speed modes, 4 braking modes
  • Battery: 768-watt hour battery pack; Samsung 40T cells, 12s4p configuration
  • Marketed Range: 23 miles (37 km)
  • Motors: 7000W 170 kV 6382 motors; Ecomobl signature planetary gear drive
  • Top Speed: 30 mph (48 km/h)
  • Trucks: Super wide 20-inch trucks
  • Wheels: 8-inch airless wheels


The Ecomobl Telum stands out with its robust build and impressive specifications, making it a top choice for those seeking high performance without breaking the bank. Whether you’re an experienced rider or new to the world of electric skateboards, the Telum promises a thrilling and reliable ride.

Post time: 07-08-2024