What do customers say about planetary gear motors and belt motors? - Ecomobl Electric Skateboards USA

Maarten de Smet in Ecomobl eboard owner

And this is why i keep saying ecomobl’s gear drive is a superb system. If maintained properly ofcourse. This is a Dana splicer 255 heavy duty hub with planetary gear reduction used in agricultural machines and gets powered by a Danfoss 110 hydraulic motor. It doesnt get any better then this. Yup i’m at work

Dan Myers  in Ecomobl M24 mountainboard owner

Planetary gear sets are used in an incredible amount of heavy duty applications. They require cleaning and regreasing if they aren’t lubricant bathed, but otherwise they’re very strong and reliable. I’ve had to change both rear belts on my Propel X4S and one of them I had to change twice in 150 miles. The M24 in the same amount of mileage I’ve pulled apart and regreased once because I’m overly cautious and haven’t had a single issue or funny noise. Keep in mind I take the M24 in places I wouldn’t dare take the X4S.

The one time I did try to take the propel on the same trails as the Ecomobl I went slower and far more carefully and still ended up with a belt so loose it was skipping two pulley teeth almost a half mile deep in the woods from a small stick getting caught between the belt and pulley. Limping it back real slow and then spending the better part of an hour on a belt change and pulley cleaning was not an experience I want to repeat.

Post time: 06-28-2024