1.We only use high-quality aviation aluminum to produce our skateboards.

  • First is sheet metal. This material is usually found on the more affordable offerings. It is economical but generally not as durable as other options. It also tend to be heavier and is often not lack in manufacturing precision. We consider this the lowest tier of materials utilized in eboard manufacturing.
  • The second is cast aluminum. This is the middle of the road option. It strikes a balance between cost, strength, weight. We see this as the middle tier option for eboard manufacturing.
  • Finally we have cnc’ed aircraft grade aluminum. This option is the strongest and have the most precision but also cost the most. This is considered the gold standard and the top tier for eboard.

2.Our skateboard has a unique drive system!

  • Eocomobl's innovative design and attention to detail ensure a high quality product that you will enjoy for many years.
    • At Ecomobl we didn’t want to leverage off the shelf drives for our board.
    • We felt we can do better than the hub drives and belts drives on the market, so we set out to design our own.
    • The result is our revolutionary all metal planetary gear drive.
    • Our drives are tucked neatly away in the center of the wheel hub filling the space that would otherwise be wasted.
    • The motors that would traditionally sit on the back or the bottom of the board on a belt drive, is moved to the center of the hub protecting it from impact and debris.
    • Since we don’t utilized belts and all our components are metal our drives also require less maintenance allowing you to spend more time riding.