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  • Ecomobl Ripper 2WD 12S4P All Terrain Electric Mountainboard – $200 OFF CODE: R200

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  • Ecomobl Telum 2WD 12S4P Electric Mountainboard – $550 OFF CODE: T550

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  • Ecomobl Telum PRO 4WD 12S6P Electric Mountainboard – $400 OFF CODE: T400

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  • Ecomobl Telum BA 2-IN-1 4WD Samsung 40T 12S6P Electric Mountainboard – $500 OFF CODE: T500

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Welcome to the official website of Ecomobl electric skateboards!


1.We are professional advanced off road skateboards manufacturer. In the past 7 years, we have helped lots of Ecomobl riders choose their first electric skateboards, which allowed them enter into the palace of E-Skateboards.


2.Not only Ecomobl skateboards can delight your body and mind, exercise your body, help you explore the surrounding mysterious jungle, but also help you make more friends outdoors. Above all, it is an environment-friendly traffic tool, no damage to the environment.


3.Many of our riders have several ecomobl boards, it means ecomobl skateboards are popular and reliable. Ecomobl is innovating and making progress all the time in order to make sure we can satisfy your constantly changing demands.


4.Every employee of Ecomobl is an enthusiast of electric skateboards, we know that only riders can understand the riders properly. We invest a lot of money in R & D and innovation every year, we expect to bring you more advanced skateboards. Join Ecomobl bravely, let ride together!