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As the holiday season approaches, finding the perfect gift for a passionate skateboarder can be both exciting and challenging. Whether it’s for a friend, family member, or yourself, selecting the right skateboarding gear can bring immense joy and elevate the skateboarding experience. This guide aims to explore essential skateboarding accessories that make fantastic gifts, ensuring safety, performance, and style.
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Gear Up and Stay Protected: Safety Gift Ideas for Skaters

1. Skateboarding Helmets

Skateboarding helmets are an important safety gift for riders. Standard helmets cover the top and back of the head, while full-face helmets also protect the face. For beginners just learning the sport, a standard helmet suits basic riding needs. These helmets come in multi-impact vinyl or composite materials and feature slick designs appealing to younger skaters. As skills progress, full-face helmets give added face protection when taking on steep hills or tricks. Made of strong plastics, they resemble motorcycle helmets with a downward extending visor. Premium full-face versions even have airflow vents to keep riders comfortable on long sessions. Regardless of skill, helmets should always be an essential piece of safety gear. And giving the gift of protection makes skating year-round a safer possibility while helping riders avoid costly medical bills from an easily preventable fall.

2. Wheels for Electric Skateboards

Pneumatic wheels or urethane wheels can make a great gift for electric skateboarders. Pneumatic wheels, filled with air, will provide a very smooth and comfortable ride thanks to their ability to absorb vibrations and bumps in the road. These wheels are a premium option and do require regular inflation checks and potential puncture repairs. Urethane wheels are a more durable and maintenance-free choice as they do not need to be inflated. While a bit stiffer ride, urethane wheels are far less likely to get flats or leaks. Choosing wheel type comes down to the kind of riding the electric skateboarder enjoys and their desired balance of smoothness versus durability. Both pneumatic and urethane wheels can bring the joy of customizing a board and taking electric skateboarding to the next level.

3. Sliding Gloves

Sliding gloves allow skaters to safely bail from their board during falls or slick slides. Leather gloves offer the most durability and slide the greatest distance, making them perfect for advanced tricks. They provide rugged palm and knuckle protection even after numerous slides. For beginners, cheaper fabric gloves work well and won’t break the bank. These lighter options still shield hands but may wear out faster. Another type is hybrid gloves using suede or synthetic leather with velcro or lace closure for a secure fit. The choice depends on skill level and desired longevity. All help avoid road rash and injuries to hands that can take skaters out of action. Since spills are inevitable, sliding gloves minimize healing time to get back on the board. Whether they prefer buttery leather or basic fabric, gloves help riders practice braver maneuvers while protecting their most valuable assets.

4. Grip Tape

Grip tape tops skateboards and provides traction for riders’ shoes. Coarse grain tape stays grippy with wear but may chew through shoe soles faster. It works well for intense tricks and street skating. In contrast, finegrain tape feels quite raspy initially yet is less abrasive over the long run. This makes it suitable for beginners still developing balance. Grip needs vary based on riding conditions and personal preference too. Wet or cold weather demands extra tack, while barefoot cruising appreciates a soft feel. Re-gritting a board with fresh tape also revives its performance. Grip choices let skaters customize control and comfort. For hardcore skaters, aggressive, coarse options maximize control. But fine tape opens up the sport for new riders and considers footwear longevity too. Both allow gifted skaters traction for their individual stair or rail challenges.

5. Other Cool Accessories

Other cool accessories can add fun or functionality for electric skateboarders.

  • Padded storage bags protect boards when traveling, while backpacks safely carry them with integrated battery pockets.
  • Compact toolkits and mini-skate tools enable quick repairs with Allen wrenches, lubricant, and bearings.
  • Bluetooth speakers allow music to energize rides. Camera mounts capture epic rider footage.
  • Add-ons like brake lights, speedometers, and app pairing boost visibility, performance tracking, and battery management.
  • Stickers, skins, and other customization options engage creative expression.

Extras range from practical to playful, so every skater’s personality and style are enriched, whether cruising, commuting or shredding. With the right accessories, rides stay smooth, personalized, and stoke-filled. Useful tools ensure quick fixes. Customization reveals unique styles. Protective carrying options transport boards safely. Gadgets enhance performance and engagement.

How to Choose the Perfect Gift

Picking the perfect present starts by understanding how the skater rides and their budget.

  • For beginners, gear like helmets, grip tape, and basic LED lights allows them to practice safely while building skills. Multi-impact helmets and standard grip help develop balance and confidence.
  • Commuter skaters appreciate portable extras like backpacks and storage bags to easily carry boards on public transit without damage. Padded protectors keep their investment secure.
  • Downhill riders likely want stable, high-powered electric boards with premium wheels to maintain control at high speeds. Quality slide gloves, pads, and full-face helmets give peace of mind when riding steep inclines.
  • Street skaters love personalized graphic designs on decks to express their style. Flexible padded hoodies, pants, and shoes allow freedom to perfect tricks while preventing scrapes.
  • Fun gifts like gift cards to board shops excite all levels by fueling their passion.
  • For devoted shredders, top-tier electric boards with the newest technology or custom hand-shaped decks show real thought and appreciation. Premium protection pushes progress.

Looking into their interests, abilities, and budget reveals thoughtful surprises they’ll cherish for years. Matching lifestyle and personality brings genuine joy while enabling skaters to elevate their sport.
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Electric skateboarding delivers endless excitement year-round for commuters, freestyle artists, and more. This season and always, thoughtful gifts unlock potential adventures and spread holiday cheer within the tight-knit community. Whether progressing skills or expressing a unique personality, every rider appreciates support for safely enjoying their passion. By understanding individual riding styles and considering preferences as well as budgets, any present fosters stoke for skating’s next chapter. From essential safety gear to tech upgrades granting self-expression, gifts fuel enjoyment all winter. Here’s to many joyful rides and memories made alongside amazing people doing what we love.


Q: What are the benefits of larger wheels for electric skateboards?
A: Larger wheels provide smoother rides over rough terrain, better shock absorption, and increased stability at higher speeds, enhancing overall performance and comfort.
Q: Are there specific certifications to look for in skateboarding helmets?
A: Yes, certifications such as CPSC and ASTM indicate that a helmet meets safety standards for skateboarding.
Q: What size helmet should I get?
A: Most helmets come in youth, small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. Use a measuring tape to determine circumferences.
Q: How do I care for leather gloves?
A: To keep leather gloves supple, apply a leather conditioner and store them in a dry, ventilated area between uses.
Q: How often should I change my grip tape?
A: Typically, every 3-6 months or sooner if it becomes worn down from riding.
Q: What type of lights are legal for night riding?
A: Most local laws require a steady white front light and rear red light or reflector for nighttime riding on streets.
Q: How do I choose grip tape coarseness?
A: Coarser tape offers more traction but also more abrasion. Consider your skill level and needs – finer tape works well for cruising.

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Post time: 11-27-2023