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  • 新款ET重启轮胎
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  • 新款ET重启轮胎
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Pneumatic tire

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Ecomobl T-shirt, please note the T-shirt model when you purchase.
These communities are for all Ecomobl customers and followers. Please feel free to ask as many questions as you need. Sales, repair, modification, we are here to assist.  We pride ourselves on the community we are building and hope you enjoy your experience as a member of the Ecomobl family. Click on the following links: 1. You can join our Facebook community: Ecomobl official group. 2. Please follow our YouTube channel for video support: ecomobl electric skateboard


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 Warranty: All Ecomobl electric skateboards come with a standard six-month warranty which starts when you receive your electric skateboard.

 Warranty content: ESC, MOTOR and BATTERY. (Water damage is out of warranty).

 Process: If any issues occur, you will be required to cooperate with ecomobl board in good faith and first attempt to identify and fix any problem with ecomobl board instruction. Such instruction may be provided in person, via email ( If a problem is fixed this way, the warranty claim is considered settled. When requested, you must provide ecomobl board with photos, videos or any other forms of evidence for assessment of warranty claims. Ecomobl board cannot validate any warranty claims or provide replacement parts unless you have cooperated as per above.

 Solution: Once we confirm your problem, we will solve it for you as quickly as possible.

 For more information, please read the warranty policy.

Warning, applies to all skateboard brands:

 When you receive the skateboard make sure to test it for safety before riding. Particularly before riding on a setting beyond the first speed setting.

 Before riding, always remember to inspect your board for loose connections, loose nuts,bolts or screws, tire condition, charge levels of remote and batteries, riding conditions,etc and ALWAYS wear approved protective gear.

 Please use the original charger to charge the skateboard! If your charger is broken, please consult original factory before purchasing!

 When charging the electric skateboard, please place it in an open area away from other objects. Don’t charge overnight, and don’t overcharge the skateboard.

 When you are not using your skateboard for long periods of time ensure you charge the skateboard at least once 1-3 months. The battery should never be allowed to drain completely.

 Observe the laws and regulations of your country. Avoid riding in dangerous places.