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    Electric Mountain Board Safety Gear Recommendations - Ecomobl Electric Skateboard USA

    Electric mountain boards have revolutionized off-road adventures, bringing speed and excitement to previously inaccessible terrain. However, as exhilarating as these rides can be, it’s essential to ride safely using the right equipment. One crucial element of safe riding is wearing protective gear that guards against injury in a fall or crash.
    ECOMOBL off-road electric skateboard
    This article will explore the safety gear recommended when riding an electric mountain board. From helmets and body armor to knee pads and gloves, we’ll delve into what gear is essential and how it works. So, let’s get ready to suit up and confidently hit the trails!

    Head Protection

    Wearing a helmet is absolutely essential when riding electric mountain skateboards. Due to the higher speeds and terrain variability involved compared to regular e-skateboards, head injuries are a real risk without proper protection.

    At a minimum, an ASTM or CPSC-certified skate helmet with EPS foam construction and an ABS outer shell can provide basic head protection. However, for electric mountain boarding, a full-face helmet offering more coverage is recommended.

    Full-face helmets completely enclose the head and feature a chin bar to protect the face in the event of a fall. They are designed for higher-impact activities like e-mountain boarding that involve off-road trails, jumps, and steep terrain. Many full-face helmets also have detachable chin bars for flexibility and added ventilation.

    Other features to seek in a quality full-face helmet include:

    • Removable/washable liner and padding for comfort and hygiene
    • Adjustable visor or goggles to protect eyes from wind, debris, and sunlight
    • DOT or SNELL certification
    • Lightweight, durable composite construction
    • Add-on accessories like speaker pockets and light mounts

    Proper head protection with a full-face helmet is a must for safely enjoying the thrill and freedom of electric mountain skateboards. A good DOT/SNELL-certified full-face helmet with features that increase visibility, ventilation, comfort, and convenience will serve you best on technical trails and rough terrain at high speeds. So strap on your brain bucket – it could be the difference between a fun ride and a serious injury.

    Upper Body Protection

    ECOMOBL off-road electric skateboard

    Along with a full-face helmet, proper upper body protection is crucial for safely riding electric mountain boards off-road. Due to the high speeds, technical terrain, and risk of scrapping over the handlebars, chest, back, and shoulder protection is recommended.

    Body armor or a chest protector will provide the most coverage and protection. Body armor features hard plastic or composite plates over the shoulders, chest, and sometimes ribs and back. These impact-resistant plates can absorb and distribute energy from falls, helping minimize bruising and breakage of ribs or collarbone.

    Back protectors also make a lot of sense for e-mountain boarding. A backplate or molded back protector inserted into a jersey or jacket can cushion impacts from a rear-end fall, offering protection for the spine.

    Beginners and less experienced riders will benefit most from full upper body armor with chest, shoulder, and back protection. As skills improve, lighter armored options like chest protectors and backplates may suffice.

    Additional gear like padded elbow guards and hi-vis detailing can boost protection and visibility in mixed riding environments. This is important for e-mountain boarders who may share trails with pedestrians, mountain bikers, and other users.

    Lower Body Protection

    Protecting your legs, knees, and feet is just as essential as upper body gear when riding electric mountain boards off-road. Falls and impacts are common due to unpredictable terrain, jumps, and steep slopes.

    Wearing knee pads is a must for e-mountain boarders. Hard shell knee pads with D3O or CE-approved foam provide the most coverage and impact resistance. 360-degree mobility and velcro or buckle closures ensure a secure fit.

    Ankle guards and padded shorts also make sense. Ankle braces stabilize weak ankles, while padded shorts with hardened foam protect the hips and tailbone during falls.

    For feet, sturdy skate shoes with ankle support and toe cups are ideal. Slip-on hiking boots may work for trail riding, but lack board feels and flexibility.

    Beginners and heavy riders should prioritize more protective lower body gear while developing skills. As confidence and proficiency increase, lighter options like softer knee pads and basic padded shorts may suffice.

    Choosing lower body protection should involve considering the following:

    • Riding style (trail, mountain, downhill)
    • Terrain (roots, rocks, jumps)
    • Skill level
    • Personal comfort and mobility needs

    Additional Safety Gear

    Ecomobl electric skateboard

    Beyond the basics of helmets, upper body armor, and knee pads, some additional safety gear can further protect riders of electric mountain boards.

    Wrist guards are a smart investment, as outstretched hands often bear the brunt of impact during falls. Look for braces that are snug but flexible, with molded plastic splints and hook-and-loop closures.

    Goggles protect eyes from wind, dust, debris, and low-hanging tree limbs common on wooded trails. Bonus features like interchangeable lenses and anti-fog coatings increase usability.

    Rash guards or padded shorts with a hard plastic base can safeguard sensitive areas if you jettison forward over the handlebars during a wipeout.

    Mountain bike gloves with reinforced palms, sliders, and padding provide grip, absorption, and protection. Or use fingerless gloves for ventilation with wrist braces.

    Additional gear like neck braces, back protectors, and hiking boots can offer enhanced safety in some situations.

    In general, quality protective gear should:

    • Fit securely but allow full range of motion
    • Be constructed from durable, impact-resistant materials
    • Include pads, straps, or splints made with energy-absorbing foam
    • Be designed specifically for activities with a risk of falling at higher speeds

    With the right combination of head-to-toe protection – from helmets and armor down to gloves and wrist braces – riders of electric mountain boards can drastically reduce injury risk when pushing speeds and tackling technical trails.


    In conclusion, protecting oneself with quality safety gear is vital when riding an electric mountain board. Helmets, upper body protection, lower body protection, and additional safety gear can drastically reduce the risk of serious injuries. Skimping on quality gear is not only risking one’s own safety but risking the ability to continue riding in the future. To enjoy the thrills of electric mountain skateboarding with confidence and peace of mind, invest in quality safety gear.

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    Post time: 06-20-2023