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The wheels take the most wear and tear over time from riding on any surface so it’s important to swap wheels out periodically to keep your board running smoothly. Choosing the right wheels for your riding style and conditions can also optimize the ride experience. This article will walk through the simple steps to removing old wheels and installing new ones safely and properly.
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Necessary tools and supplies

Before beginning any work on your e-board, gather the few basic tools and parts needed to complete the wheel change. At minimum, you’ll need a set of Allen keys that match the size of the axle nuts, typically a 2-3mm size is common. A skate tool or small flathead screwdriver can also work for loosening nuts in a pinch. Beyond the tools, having the replacement wheels on hand is crucial. Inspecting your current wheels for wear indicators like flat spots will help determine when it’s time for new ones. Choosing the right diameter, durometer rating and tread pattern based on your specific needs is key for the best performance.

Removing old wheels

Once prepared with the proper tools and new wheels, it’s time to remove the old ones. Start by rotating the wheel so an axle nut is easily accessible. Insert the matching Allen key and gently loosen the nut by turning it counterclockwise. Do not remove it fully yet. Repeat for the opposite side nut. With both nuts loosened, unthread them the rest of the way by hand and set aside. The wheel can now slide freely off the axle. Pull it straight out taking care not to damage the bearings. Repeat this process for all wheels on the board. With the old wheels off, the e-board is now ready for a fresh install of new wheels.

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Installing new wheels

To install the new wheels, first make sure the bearings are properly seated inside each wheel. Then, simply slide a wheel onto each side of the electric skateboard truck. The wheel should fit snugly between the hanger and baseplate but still spin freely. Take an axle nut and screw it onto the axle by hand on one side. Don’t fully tighten yet. Repeat for the other side. With both nuts only hand tightened, now take the Allen key and give each nut an additional 1/4 to 1/2 turn to secure it in place. Make sure to tighten each nut evenly, going back and forth between sides, so the wheel is nicely and squarely centered on the axle.

Check for wobbles and tightness

Before taking your newly wheeled board for a ride, perform some quality control checks. Spin each wheel by hand and watch closely for any wobbling or imbalance that might cause issues at speed. The wheel should spin smoothly. If you notice wobbling, check that the bearings are clean and seated properly inside the wheel. Next, grab the wheel between your thumb and finger and feel for any play at the axle nut. The nut should feel tight with no movement. If necessary, give it an additional 1/4 turn with the Allen key. Repeat this process wheel by wheel until they all spin true with no wiggle.


Properly maintaining your electric skateboard wheels is crucial for optimal performance and safety. By changing them out regularly as they wear down, you can keep your board rolling smoothly over any terrain. With just a few basic tools and following these simple steps, wheel swaps are a quick and easy process. As always when wrenching on your ride, take your time and double check all nuts are secure before hitting the streets. With a fresh set of wheels installed, you’ll be ready to continue shredding up hills, carving curves and enjoyingE-boarding to the fullest.

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Q: What tools do I need to change the wheels?
The minimum tools needed are a set of Allen keys (2-3mm) or a skate tool.
Q: How do I know when it’s time to change the wheels?
Inspect for wear indicators like flat spots. Replace if visibly worn down.
Q: How tight should the axle nuts be?
Nuts should feel tight with no play. Give an additional 1/4 turn if needed.
Q: How do I check if the wheels are installed correctly?
Spin each wheel by hand, ensuring smooth rotation and checking for play at the axle nut.
Q: What should I watch out for when riding after installing new wheels?
Double-check all nuts are tightened. Look for any wobbling issues at higher speeds.

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Post time: 10-18-2023