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The way we think about transportation and leisure has been completely transformed by electric skateboards. Choosing the best electric skateboard for your specific needs might be difficult, though, because so many variations are available. Electric street skateboards offer maneuverability and speed for city living, while all-terrain electric skateboards offer adaptability and durability. The main distinctions between street and all-terrain electric skateboards will be covered in this blog to help you decide which is best for you. By using these recommendations as a guide, you may select an electric skateboard that suits your riding inclinations and experience the thrill of a comfortable, environmentally friendly ride.
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Differences Between Street and All-Terrain Electric Skateboards

Street electric skateboards and all-terrain electric skateboards have key differences impacting their performance.

Street electric skateboards all-terrain electric skateboards
designed for smooth surfaces like pavements and roads made to handle both paved surfaces and rough off-road conditions
Size and weight: Street electric skateboards typically have a compact deck size of under 30 inches and a relatively low weight of under 15 kg. This makes them easy to carry and store. Size and weight: They tend to have a larger deck size of over 30 inches to accommodate bigger wheels. Their weight is also higher at over 15 kgs due to reinforced frames.
Wheels: Street electric skateboards generally use 80 mm or smaller PU wheels that provide a smooth ride but offer little shock absorption for rougher terrain. Wheels: All-terrain electric skateboards commonly use 100mm or larger air-filled pneumatic tires that provide better shock absorption for bumps but produce more rolling resistance.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Electric Skateboard

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There are many electric skateboard options on the market nowadays. Choosing the right one depends on several key factors.

  • Riding style and purpose: Consider whether you’ll use the board for regular commuting or fun recreational riding. Commuters often prefer compact street electric skateboards for their portability, while recreational riders may opt for more powerful all-terrain e-boards.
  • Riding terrain: Think about the types of surfaces you’ll mainly ride on – smooth paved roads or rough off-road trails. Street e-boards suit paved terrain, while all-terrain boards can handle bumpy off-road conditions.
  • Budget: Electric skateboards span a wide range of prices from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand. Determine a realistic budget that factors in the cost of replacement parts and maintenance over time. Higher-end boards generally offer better performance and components.
  • Safety and durability: Check safety ratings, wheel and deck material, and water resistance. Reinforced decks and air-filled tires improve stability and durability.
  • Other factors: Consider battery range, speed settings, riding weight limits, remote design, and after-sales support to suit your preferences.

Doing your research and figuring out your main riding needs will help narrow down your choices and ensure you end up with the electric skateboard that best fits your riding style and purpose.

Benefits of Street Electric Skateboards

Street electric skateboards have many advantages, making them a great choice for urban travel and recreation.

The compact and lightweight design of street e-boards makes them incredibly nimble and maneuverable. Their small deck size allows riders to weave through crowds with ease. The light weight also makes them easy to carry and store, ideal for commuters.

These skateboards excel at applications requiring portability. They are perfect for zipping around the busy streets of a city. The smooth and quiet ride also makes them great for sightseeing tours.

Street electric skateboards tend to have a lower price tag compared to all-terrain e-boards. Their simple design cuts costs while still delivering a fun commute or ride.

However, electric street skateboards do have some drawbacks. Their small PU wheels provide a bumpy ride on anything but smooth surfaces. They also have limited adjustments and customizability. The lower deck size can be uncomfortable for taller riders.

Benefits of All-Terrain Electric Skateboards

ECOMOBL electric skateboard TELUM

All-terrain electric skateboards have distinct advantages over standard street e-boards, making them better suited for off-road use and rougher terrain riding.

Their larger deck size and bulkier frame make them sturdier and better able to withstand impacts from bumps and jump. The larger pneumatic tires provide superior shock absorption for uneven surfaces like dirt roads and grass.

The increased stability and suspension of all-terrain e-boards make them more enjoyable for off-road trail rides and rural path exploring. The ability to tackle rougher terrain opens up more scenic ride options.

While all-terrain electric skateboards have a higher price tag on average, their higher-end components, like more powerful motors and durable belts/gear drives, contribute to better performance off the pavement.

However, all-terrain e-boards also suffer from some issues. Their heavier weight makes them less portable and more tiring on longer rides. Their larger tires cause more rolling resistance and lower top speeds. The added bulk reduces maneuverability on tight trails and within crowds.


In short, the right electric skateboard depends on your intended use and personal riding spirit. Street e-boards deliver unparalleled urban agility, while all-terrain electric skateboards unlock adventure beyond the pavement. Whatever you choose, remember: the key is finding a board that matches your needs and unlocking the pure joy of gliding freely through the world on a smooth, sustainable, and thrill-inducing ride.

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Post time: 07-04-2023