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Skateboarding is a platform for self-expression and individuality, and a new trend has emerged: skateboards with lights. These boards add style, visibility, and a unique riding experience. This article explores the benefits, installation process, and how they enhance your skateboarding journey.
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The Rise of Light-Up Skateboards

Over the past few years, LED lighting has infiltrated almost every aspect of our lives. From flashy desktop computer cases to colorful shoe laces, these tiny lights have added a new dimension of self-expression. It’s only natural that skaters would want a piece of the action. Light-up boards allow riders to customize their style and remain visible, even after dark. Early adopters discovered that these boards transform an ordinary ride into a mobile light show. Now every skatepark has at least one board cruising the ramps with a unique luminous design. Light-up boards represent the future of fun transportation, and skaters embracing LEDs illustrates their desire to stand apart from the crowd.

Types of Light-Up Skateboards: Under-glow Skateboards

Under-glow skateboards are a simple and effective way to add lighting effects to your board. These systems typically feature strips of LED lights attached to the underside of the deck. The lights are wired to a small battery pack and control module, usually housed within the trucks. This allows the LEDs to be conveniently powered and operated without cluttering the riding surface. When cruising at night, the stealthy glow emitted below illuminates the rider’s path and creates a mesmerizing trailing light show. Savvy skaters have even figured out how to sync these underbody flashes to their favorite beats playing through headphones. With new color options and lighting modes now available, under-glow is a way to take your nighttime skate sessions to the next level.

Types of Light-Up Skateboards: Full Deck Lighting

Full deck lighting systems allow those who want to illuminate their board fully. These typically feature flexible strips of RGB LEDs that wrap around the entire perimeter or weave across the whole surface of the deck. Battery-powered full deck lights draw power from an onboard lithium-ion pack within the trucks or underneath. This allows skaters to customize endless colors and pattern sequences through a wireless remote. Meanwhile, solar-powered full deck lighting systems harness energy from the sun during the day to fuel evening rides lit with a soothing glow. Whether you rock a static color or an intricately synced light show, full deck boards will garner attention as you blaze down the street after dark under their psychedelic radiance.

Customizing Your Light Show

The fun begins with customizing your mobile light spectacle once you’ve outfitted your board with LED lighting. Nearly all light-up skateboard systems allow users to switch between countless color options at the touch of a button. Fading gradients, strobing bursts, slow color shifts – endless possibilities. Many boards even integrate pre-programmed lighting sequences that can run on a loop. But the most impressive feature is music syncing. By connecting the control module to a Bluetooth speaker via an app, lights will pulse and wave in perfect harmony with your tunes. Break some EDM at the skatepark after dark and ride alongside a mesmerizing synchronized show. Whether you aim for subtle and chill or an explosive rainbow rave, customizing your board’s illumination lets your personality and style shine as brightly as the lights.

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Practical Benefits of Light-Up Boards

While light-up skateboards certainly up the ‘wow’ factor, they also provide some invaluable practical perks. First and foremost, lighting dramatically increases nighttime safety for both the rider and drivers sharing the road. With low visibility being a top concern after dark, illuminated boards make skaters visible from all angles so they don’t get missed. The lighting also guides your path over cracks or rough terrain that could send an unwary skater flying.

Additionally, the flashy factor of a lit-up ride simply amplifies street cred points in skate culture. Pulling into a busy nighttime skate session, rocking the custom light scheme will grab attention and raise your style stock. All in all, light-up boards establish their worth in terms of both enjoyment and function.


Q: How long do the batteries last on light-up skateboards?
A: Battery life varies depending on the lighting mode and brightness level, but most systems can provide 4-8 hours of continuous lighting on a single charge.
Q: Can the lights get damaged if I fall while riding?
A: Durable designs safeguard lights from impact damage during falls, as long as the heavier falls do not directly hit the lighting areas.
Q: What’s the best way to install under-glow lights on my existing skateboard?
A: Look for universal plug-and-play LED under-glow kits that mount easily under any standard skateboard with basic included hardware and tools.
Q: Are there any safety issues to be aware of with light-up boards?
A: As long as batteries are properly secured, there are generally no major safety downsides. Just be sure lighting doesn’t obstruct vision or concentration while riding at high speeds.
Q: How do solar-powered lights work in low light conditions?
A: Even on cloudy days, solar cells are capable of drawing enough energy from ambient light to keep batteries charged for minimal nighttime illumination needs. Brighter daytime riding sustains maximum all-night glow.

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Post time: 08-24-2023