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Ecomobl ET is the “entry level” e-board in Ecomobl’s lineup. We have invited a professional skateboard YouTuber to review the ET. There are what he said in his video below.
ECOMOBL ET electric skateboard

Who is it for?

The Ecomobl ET is the best hub motor skateboard with cool lights that is definitely not for the feint of heart. Its hard acceleration, and agile trucks make it great for riders looking for a bit of an adrenaline rush. It’s a little bit too much power for beginners.But I have a little bit experience, still find it somewhat challenging to ride with it. I think it’s a great commuter e-board because it’s fast, stable and comfortable.


The ET has a 40 inches drop-down deck with a slight concave so it encourages a wide and comfortable standing position. It keeps you close to the ground, lowering your center of gravity which helps to maintain stability. It’s made of 9 layers of Canadian maple, making it extremely stiff. But the stiffness is really more attributed to the extra long aluminum enclosure that runs across the entire deck. There is not a single millimeter of flex in this deck.


The trucks are 15″ wide and made of solid CNC aluminum. They are wide and are meant to offer you stability at high speeds. However, I ran into quite the issue with these trucks. I’ve got US size 11 feet and my heel and toes hand over each side of the deck just slightly. Whenever I turn toe side, the wheel hits my front toes and if it’s a hard corner, the front toes and if it’s a hard corner, the rear wheel will even touch the toes on my backwards. Even stranger is that when I am turning heel side, the rear wheel will hit the heel on my back foot. I tried adjusting my feet on a slight angle, but it just didn’t feel right and I didn’t have any confidence riding like that.

ECOMOBL ET electric skateboard 1


The wheels are 6″ airless rubber tires and they feel great. They do well to soak up the vibrations from the road and they are very grippy going around corners. I took it onto the grass and some compact gravel paths and it handle it quite well. I wouldn’t do any hard off roading on this board, but it’s definitely beneficial to have on uneven paved surfaces.

Motors, top speed, hill climbing

The Ecomobl ET has dual 2000W 190kv planetary gear drive motors. I’ve ridden these types of motors once before on the Meepo City Rider 2, and I found them to be very sharp. What I mean by this is the motors respond quite hard and quickly as soon as you hit the accelerator. You can also get a little bit of a slight kick when letting go of the thumb wheel abruptly. You kind of have to roll the thumb wheel back to let your speed off gradually. The specs top speed is 35mph(55kph) and I believe this board has the ability to do that. In fact, I’ve seen other riders hit it before. I maxed out at 21.7mph(35kmh) but there was so much room in the throttle I have no doubts it can get up to its marketed top speed. It did really well climbing hills. I had a huge head wind during my test and I had a car overtake me so I naturally had to slow down a little bit down the way. However, it was able to still accelerate out of the hill after I’d slowed down. I am actually very surprised by the hill climbing ability.

Battery and range

The Ecomobl has a whopping 12S3P 576Wh battery and is marketed to get a range of up to 22 miles(38km).I took it for a spin for 8.5 miles(13.7km) and I’d only depleted the battery by one bar.

The amount of range per bar does decrease as you ride, so it’s a sliding scale in that sense, however, I’ve seen other reviews of this board and they’ve all hit a range in the ballpark of the marketed range.

ECOMOBL ET electric skateboard 2

Esc, acceleration and braking

The Ecomobl ET is running a LingYi ESC which has historically been very powerful but at the expense of a bit of smoothness.


Overall, the Ecomobl ET is a powerful hub motor skateboard that can handle pretty much any type of terrain. It’s stable due to the drop-down deck and wide trucks, comfortable thanks to the airless rubber wheels and the lights help keep you safe when riding at any time of the day. If you are interested in the original video, you can click here.

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Post time: 05-16-2023