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Glide like a bird and race like a beast – that’s the promise of an electric skateboard. But the wheels you ride on determine how smoothly your journey unfolds. As any skater knows, your wheels aren’t just round objects that get you from A to Z; they shape the very soul of your ride.
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Big wheels smooth over bumps while small wheels dart deftly. But finding that perfect wheel – nimble yet smooth, fast yet maneuverable – is like catching lightning in a bottle. Like Goldilocks seeking the ideal porridge, electric skateboarders search for “just right” wheels. The goal? To revel in that frictionless glide down hills, that joyful zig-zag through obstacles, that childlike thrill of riding a board powered by nothing but electricity and your own will to move.

Factors to consider when choosing electric skateboard wheel size

Several critical electric skateboard wheel attributes must be weighed when selecting the optimal wheel diameter for smooth, swift rides.

Firstly, terrain plays a key role in rough streets, trails, and off-road use. Larger wheels atop sturdy bearings smooth over cracks and pebbles, ensuring joyful glides on any surface for electric board enthusiasts. However, small wheels conform more readily to smooth asphalt, providing zippy acceleration and cornering for urban electric skateboarders.

Secondly, speedsters seeking fast rides on their motor-powered boards should opt for hefty 90mm or above wheels for stability at higher velocities. Conversely, thrill-seekers prioritizing nimble maneuvers and rapid turns will benefit most from diminutive wheels under 80mm in diameter.

Thirdly, weight influences wheel choice. Lighter riders can get away with smaller but lighter wheels for snappy cornering, while heavier riders may appreciate the stable, dampened ride of 100mm+ wheels, though at the expense of accelerated acceleration due to increased rotational inertia.

Finally, intended tricks factor in. Beginners learning ollies and kick turns appreciate the dexterity of miniature electric skateboard wheels. Alternatively, vert masters pulling off aerial stunts favor the sure-footedness of giant wheels with wide contact patches.

Common wheel sizes for electric skateboards

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Electric skateboard wheel diameters run the gamut from tiny to titanic, each size offering distinct riding characteristics for motor-powered board aficionados.

  • Small wheels (less than 80mm).
  • Medium wheels (80-90mm).
  • Large wheels (90mm and above).

Benefits and drawbacks of different wheel sizes

Electric skateboard wheel diameter presents a classic tradeoff for thrill-seekers – smoother rides or sharper maneuvers. Small, medium, and large wheel sizes each offer distinct pros and cons for motor-powered board athletes.

Diminutive wheels under 80mm provide lightweight zip and zing for electric skateboarders. Their compact size permits hair-raising turns and rapid acceleration, ideal for tricks and skate park stunts on motor-powered boards. Yet miniature wheels fall short for electric board thrill-seekers seeking a buttery-smooth ride. They bounce harshly over cracks and bumps, limiting top speeds on rough terrain. Itsy-bitsy wheels prove inadequate for electric skateboarders prioritizing smoothness and high cruising velocities.

Medium 80 to 90mm wheels strike the golden mean. They roll easily over imperfect surfaces while retaining nimbleness for agile maneuvers. Their moderate heft balances smooth rides with responsive turning, permitting clickable carves and stylish slides for electric board enthusiasts. While not quite as rapid as small wheels or stable as large ones, 80 to 90-mm rollers prove versatile enough for most riders and terrain.

Gargantuan wheels 90mm and larger deliver a plush, pliable feel on electric skateboards. They cushion effortlessly over potholes and debris, permitting higher speeds on rough terrain for motor-powered board athletes. But their substantial mass comes at a cost. Large wheels accelerate and turn sluggishly, limiting corner-carving agility for electric skateboard daredevils. While papoose is perfect for smooth, steady cruising, colossal wheels compromise on sharp maneuvers and thrills.

Real-life examples

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The right electric skateboard wheels depend highly on your intended use.

For urban cruising, less than 80mm wheels excel. Electric skateboard company Evolve employs 73mm wheels for its Bamboo GT models aimed at city commuters. The compact yet grippy wheels provide zippy starts, stops, and turns for navigating tight spaces and foot traffic while staying relatively smooth on pavement.

Meanwhile, medium 80-90mm wheels suit all-around riding. Exway’s popular Flex Riot features 85mm wheels for athletically carving hills yet reliably rolling over cracks. Their versatility makes 80-90mm wheels the staple for daily electric skateboard commuters and leisure riders alike.

For serious off-roading, jumbo 100mm+ wheels prove indispensable. Pro skater Javier Nunez runs enormous 110mm wheels on his custom electric skateboard for speeding down mountains and launching off jumps. Their huge diameter and urethane composition absorb hard landings while maintaining control at high speeds over rough terrain.


For electric skateboarders, the joy of the ride comes down to finding the perfect balance of wheels -nimble enough to pivot on a dime yet sturdy enough to smooth out any bump. And for most riders, those ‘just right’ wheels fall within the versatile 80 to 90 mm range, providing a seamless blend of speed, control, and comfort to satisfy any skater’s desire for thrills.

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Post time: 07-19-2023