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Nowadays, Ecomobl ET is the best electric skateboard with fantastic cost performance. It’s quite popular with beginners or people who like riding on the street. We have sold thousands of ET boards since it came out. The skateboards are always tested before shipping. We always try our best to ensure the quality is good, so you don’t need to worry. Even if you have any problems, you can contact us anytime. If your board is broken in transit, we’ll send you the parts you need immediately as long as your issue is confirmed.
Ecomobl ET e-board

Professional E-board Youtuber’s Review

If you are looking for the best electric skateboard in 2023, you can’t miss out on the Ecomobl ET. We have invited our good partner Kami to review this board. After testing it, he said he really likes the ET, which has a cool appearance and excellent performance. The videos have reached 9000+ reviews and attracted lots of customers to purchase this board.

First Impressions

The board size is wider and shorter compared with hurricanes. Ecomobl is a brand that uses many parts of its standard, as in the M24 Pro. First, the truck used on the ET board is also 15 inches wide in the form of the reverse kingpin, and the hanger is very thick. The thickness of the axle is 10mm, thicker than a typical 8mm. It is expected to be more durable. Most of all, the biggest feature that the Ecomobl have the use of planetary gear drive systems. The ET model also features front, rear, and side lights for night riding. Inside the enclosure was protective sealing like the M24 pro. According to their announcement, the continuous discharge output of the ESC is 35A, and battery cells with a discharge rate of 10c were used. It takes about 3 and a half hours to charge with a 50.4v/4A charger.

ecomobl e-board

Riding Feelings

His first impression of the board was its robustness. It feels solid without any gaps or looseness when riding. And, like with other gear drives, he could feel the motor torque more directly and accurately. The throttle response was also more accurately communicated to my body than other drive methods. However, the drive noise is slightly louder than other drive methods. The board movement was light and nimble due to its short wheelbase construction. It also had a much more flexible movement than expected in the reverse kingpin-type truck. He felt the flexible movement because soft bushing played a more significant role than the 15’’ wide trucks. If the bushing was responsible for flexible activities, the 15’’ wide reverse kingpin truck added stability at high speeds. In addition, the 6-inch airless tires, with much free space inside, showed better grip and riding performance than he expected. Those tires were enough, but the pneumatic ones would perform better on the board. Overall, the board’s movement performance was good enough. It’s absolutely the best electric skateboard for under $900. Not only can the ET perform well on urban roads, but it also can handle off-road terrain. Please don’t miss out on this fantastic board.

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Post time: 03-25-2023