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    Electric Skateboards: The Must-Have Black Friday Deal - Ecomobl Electric Skateboard USA

    Key Features to Look For

    When shopping for an electric skateboard on Black Friday, it’s important to pay attention to the key technical specifications. The motor and battery will determine how fast you can ride and how far you can travel between charges. For most commuters, a top speed of around 20 mph with a range of 10 miles per charge should suffice. As for the deck, a durable bamboo or composite deck can withstand frequent use without flexing over time. The right balance of power, battery capacity, and deck quality will ensure many hours of fun, low-cost transportation.

    Black Friday: Finding the Best Deals

    ELectric skateboard
    The week of Black Friday offers some of the best pricing all year for electric skateboards and related gear. However, not all advertised deals are created equal – researching brands and previous sale prices allows savvy shoppers to identify the true discounts. Bookmarking websites ahead of time streamlines navigating lighting deals. For lower-traffic items, online shopping on Thanksgiving Day and late Black Friday presents fewer crowds. But showroom models provide unbeatable opportunities to inspect boards in person before committing. Pop-up stores in major cities allow testing of various wheel sizes and convex/concave decks. Follow brand social media for local events. With a plan and flexibility between online and in-store hunting, consumers are guaranteed to find heavy discounts on their desired electric skateboard this Black Friday season.

    Accessories and Add-ons

    For safety and performance, don’t overlook value-added accessories during electric skateboard purchases. Certified helmets from brands like Red are mandatory, with varied colors/vents to match any style. Knee and elbow pads provide peace of mind, especially for rookies. Waterproof backpacks hold accessories and laptops securely. Custom grip tape, fender kits, and LED lighting packages allow for self-expression. Extended-range battery packs from manufacturers like Enertion offer the ability to travel further on single charges. Custom built-in Bluetooth speakers deliver music wirelessly. Trucks, wheels, and bushings can be upgraded later for advanced maneuvers. Black Friday also offers savings on add-ons – expanding the value of main e-board investments. Protective gear, storage, and personalization upgrades empower the full riding experience.

    Customer Testimonials and Reviews

    What do thousands of existing riders say about their electric skateboards? Reading verified purchase reviews is invaluable for getting an owner’s perspective. For example, many praise Boosted boards’ dependability and note their ability to carve hilly city streets effortlessly for years. Exway’s app customizability earns kudos from commuters. Beginners highlight the benefits of more affordable but still enjoyable ride quality from brands like Wowgo. Durability testaments help evaluate long-term value. Negative reviews still provide valuable lessons – like only riding Acton’s compact Blink S when battery indicators permit safe stopping ability. Social media forums showcase rigs customized uniquely by enthusiasts. This feedback offsets marketing hyperbole with no strings attached. Amassing owner insights allows for forecasting real-world satisfaction rather than unknowns, leading to purchase confidence on Black Friday and beyond.

    Comparing Brands and Models

    When it comes to electric skateboard brands, Boosted, Acton, and Exway are consistently atop customers’ consideration lists. Boosted is renowned for its dual hub-wheel motor design that provides incredible acceleration and hill-climbing ability. Their newest model extends the range to over 22 miles per charge. Acton dominates the value segment with powerful performance at affordable price points. Notable is their Blink S2 model with its crisp response and lightweight design. Exway has attracted a devoted following through its innovative app controls and customized speed/power modes tailored to different riding terrains. Their Wave series handles carves and speeds like no other e-boards in their class. Diving deeper into the unique attributes of leading brands and popular models equips shoppers to select the right board for their individual riding preferences and budget.


    Between heavy discounts on premium e-board brands and their noteworthy models, expansion of protective and customization gear into riders’ setups, and prevalence of unfiltered user reviews, Black Friday manifests as arguably the best time all year to buy into electric skateboarding. With attention to featured specs, retailer sale strategies, and corroborating experiences of existing owners, consumers can achieve guaranteed value on high-performance setups suited precisely for their niche. Whether pursuing a mainstream commuter cruiser or niche long-range rig, exercising diligence paired with flexibility reaps the most bountiful rewards. Ultimately, navigating the seasonal deals renders what was once an expensive passion accessible for all enthusiasts to join the growing e-skate movement. By snapping up a well-researched board and essential add-ons on Black Friday, riders set themselves up seamlessly to enjoy many miles of thrills and grins ahead in the coming seasons.

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    Post time: 11-24-2023