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Electric skateboards have become popular as a fun, eco-friendly form of urban transportation in recent years. However, e-skateboards also come with unique skills and challenges to master for safe city riding. This article provides tips and tricks for beginners and experienced e-skaters to hack the urban terrain confidently and responsibly. Read on to learn techniques for choosing your board, riding city streets safely, handling hills and crowds, finding the best urban spots, maintaining your e-skate, and more. With practice and the right know-how, you’ll be carving through the concrete jungle on your battery-powered board in no time!
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How to Choose Your Electric Skateboard?

The ideal e-skateboard depends on budget, riding style, desired speed, and range. Consider these key variables when picking your electric ride:

  • Range: Boards offer varying battery ranges – budget ones go 5-7 miles per charge, while premium boards can reach 15-25 miles. Consider your daily commute distance and recharging access.
  • Speed: Entry-level e-skates max out at 15mph, but high-performance ones can hit 25+ mph. Speed needs to align with your skill level.
  • Weight and size: Lighter boards around 10 lbs are easier to carry. Shorter decks under 30 lbs are more portable but less stable at high speeds.
  • Terrain: Larger pneumatic tires suit rougher terrain, while small polyurethane wheels optimize for smooth roads.
  • Motor type: Hub motors built into the wheels require less maintenance, while belt drives are more powerful.

Additionally, longboard vs. shortboard refers to personal riding style and portability preferences. Always wear safety gear and carefully maintain your e-skateboard to prevent injuries or breakdowns, especially if riding faster.

How to Master Skills for City Riding?

Before hitting busy roads, practice core e-skateboarding skills in empty parking lots and less crowded areas. Mastering basics like kick pushes, stopping, turning, and speed control in a safe environment builds confidence.

Use protective gear like helmets, gloves, and pads on knees/elbows when practicing and riding. Learning how to foot brake by dragging your pushing foot is necessary before going on roads. Start slow and steadily increase speed while navigating different terrains, tight turns, and rough patches. After getting comfortable riding, it’s time to transition to public roads.

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How to Ride Safely on Roads?

When riding electric skateboards on roads, be responsible and follow all traffic laws as you would with a bicycle. Be alert and watch your speed, especially around pedestrians or congested areas.

Try sticking to designated bike lanes whenever possible for safer sharing of roads with vehicles. Ride predictably in a straight line and use hand signals when turning. Be extremely cautious of debris, potholes, and uneven surfaces that can cause you to fall.

Use front and rear lights and reflectors for night riding to ensure visibility. A safe average speed is 10-15mph. Don’t indulge in reckless stunts; always wear your safety gear for protection.

How to Deal With Hill Climbs?

Hill climbs on an e-skateboard take precise technique. As you approach an upward slope, reduce speed and lower your center of gravity by crouching slightly. Distribute weight evenly on both feet to maintain stability.

Lean forward when going uphill so gravity aids the motor. For descending, lean backward cautiously, using your rear foot as a brake when needed. If the hill is very steep, traverse it in a zig-zag path instead of direct ascent. Patience and practice conquer the toughest inclines.

How to Handle Crowds?

Riding electric skateboards through crowded urban hotspots like downtowns or busy campuses requires extra skill. Be highly alert and ready to brake at any moment. Drastically reduce speed to adapt to pedestrians. Stay far away from large groups of people. If you need to pass walkers on a sidewalk, make your presence politely known by ringing a bell or gently announcing, “On your left/right.” Give pedestrians the right of way and come to a complete stop if required. Navigation through crowds is all about patience and communication.

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How to Find Good Urban Riding Spots?

The ideal areas to ride your e-skateboard in cities are bike lanes, parks, and college campuses. Many cities have recently added more dedicated bike lanes, which are great for cruising on boards. Parks provide wide open spaces for practicing skills with reduced vehicular traffic. College campuses have smooth paved paths ideal for zipping between classes. Also, look for parking garages, which are perfect for getting used to riding in enclosed areas.

How to Maintain Your Board?

Perform regular maintenance checks to keep your electric skateboard in smooth riding condition. Look for loose hardware – tighten any loose screws or components. Check the belts and motors for debris stuck in them.

Monitor your battery usage and avoid complete depletion or overcharging the battery, both of which can shorten its lifespan. When wheels wear down significantly, rotate or replace them. Bearings should be cleaned and lubricated periodically. Keep the board dry and clean it thoroughly after riding through puddles or mud.


Electric skateboarding provides an exhilarating riding experience and convenient urban transportation. Following the tips covered in this guide – from choosing the right e-skate and gear to practicing essential skills and techniques for riding safely in a city environment – will help you successfully hack the concrete jungle. Always prioritize safety and responsible riding. Master the basics in safe settings before taking on public roads. With patience and preparation, you’ll soon be zipping through the streets feeling like a true skateboard pro! The electric ride revolution has only just begun.

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Post time: 09-21-2023