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Speed wobble can be a scary experience for anyone riding an electric skateboard. It occurs when the wheels start to oscillate uncontrollably, making it difficult to maintain balance and control. If you’re experiencing speed wobble on your electric skateboard, don’t worry – there are several things you can do to stop it. In this article, we’ll explain what causes speed wobble and provide some tips on how to prevent and stop it.
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What Causes Speed Wobble

Speed wobble on an electric skateboard is commonly caused by loose parts, uneven tire pressure, or hitting obstacles. Loose trucks, wheel nuts, or deck screws allow the wheels and bearings to move around too freely at high speeds, setting off instability. Underinflated or unevenly inflated wheels shape differently as you ride, shaking the board back and forth and causing the wobble. Even small pebbles, cracks, or seams in the road can initiate a wobble by jostling or momentarily unbalancing the wheels. These impacts often start a chain reaction of instability that feeds on itself, resulting in the infamous speed wobble that is difficult to stop once it starts. Making sure all parts are tight and wheels are properly inflated can help reduce the chances of wobble caused by looseness or tire issues.

Fix Speed Wobble: Speed Reduction

Slowing down is one of the most effective ways to stop speed wobble. When you’re going too fast, even the slightest imbalance can get amplified and cause the wobble. As you reduce speed, the wobble usually subsides as well. The best approach is to apply gradual, light pressure on the brake until you feel the instability subsiding. Going too hard on the brake can worsen the wobble, so take your time slowing down. You’ll have more control and stability once you’re at a more manageable speed of around 10-15 mph. From there, you can gradually build speed back up once the wobble has fully stopped. Remember – speed is the enemy when it comes to wobbles, so slowing down is often all you need to do to get them under control.

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Fix Speed Wobble: Weight Shifting

Another effective way to stop speed wobble is to shift your weight until instability subsides. The key is to experiment with moving your center of gravity either forward, backward, left, or right. Sometimes even a slight change in where you place your feet or how you shift your upper body can counteract the imbalance that’s causing the wobble.

Try slightly bending your knees more or standing up straighter. Shift your body slightly forward or backward. Swing your arms to the side or out in front of you. Any of these subtle weight changes can disrupt the momentum of the wobble and stop it in its tracks. The key is to keep experimenting with different weight distributions and body postures until you find one that neutralizes the wobble. Once stabilized, return to your normal riding stance and speed up again gradually. But if the wobble returns, repeat the weight-shifting technique until it’s fully gone.

With practice, you’ll learn to intuitively sense how to shift your weight to counteract speed wobbles before they even start. But when one does happen, don’t panic. Just shift your weight around deliberately and patiently until the instability disappears.

Fix Speed Wobble: Foot Placement

Adjusting your foot placement and grip on the board can also help fix speed wobbles. There are two main foot strategies: loose grip and stiff grip.

A loose grip involves distributing your weight evenly across both feet, slightly relaxing your ankles and knees, and lightly placing your toes and heels on the edge of the board. This allows the board to move freely beneath you and “self correct”, counteracting the wobble forces.

A stiff grip involves tightening your knees, anchoring your feet and toes firmly on the motorized boards, and using your leg muscles to actively resist the wobble forces. Think of it like clamping down on the board to stabilize it.

The loose grip works best for minor wobbles, while the stiff grip is better for severe wobbles. Start by attempting the loose grip and relaxing into it. If the wobble continues, tighten your feet and try the stiff grip method.

Between your foot placement, how tightly or loosely you grip the board with your feet, and whether your knees are bent or straight, you have multiple options for stopping speed wobbles through foot adjustment. Experiment and see which techniques work best for you. With practice, you’ll develop an intuitive sense of which foot strategy to use for any given wobble severity.

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Fix Speed Wobble: Tighten All Parts

One simple fix for speed wobbles is to tighten everything on your board – trucks, nuts, and bolts. Loose hardware is one of the most common causes of speed wobbles, so tightening things can immediately resolve the issue.

Start by checking that the trucks are snug against the board’s deck. There should be little to no play when you try to wiggle the trucks from side to side. If they feel loose at all, tighten the kingpin nut or axle nut underneath to cinch them down.

Next, check the wheel nuts. These can loosen over time from the vibration of riding. Use a wrench or socket tool to firmly tighten any wheel nuts that feel loose. They should resist twisting by hand when properly tightened.

Finally, tighten any screws or bolts holding the deck, grip tape, or other parts together. Loose deck screws, in particular, can cause troubling vibrations at high speed.

Test ride your motorized boards again once you’ve given everything a good tightening. Chances are the wobbles will have subsided, thanks to removing any play or looseness in the hardware. Be careful not to overtighten anything, as that can damage components or make the board feel too rigid. But a snug tightening of all nuts, bolts and screws is often all it takes to stop speed wobbles caused by loose hardware.


In conclusion, speed wobbles can threaten the safety and stability of any electric skateboard ride. But by understanding their causes, employing effective techniques to stop active wobbles, and taking preventative measures, you can minimize the risks they pose. Regular maintenance, softer wheels, proper weight distribution and foot positioning are key. But the fundamentals remain – when a wobble strikes, immediately reduce your speed while shifting weight and gripping the board tightly with your feet. Once the wobble stops, inspect and tighten any loose components before riding on. With the right knowledge, skills and equipment, you can navigate speed wobbles with greater confidence and control, ensuring many joyful and safe rides ahead on your electric skateboard. The ultimate goal is to make preventing and managing speed wobbles second nature, allowing you to maximize the fun and freedom that electric skateboarding provides.

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Post time: 08-08-2023