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Providing electric skateboards for employee commuting benefits companies in several ways. With traffic congestion worsening in cities across the country, electric skateboards offer a quicker and more enjoyable commute option. They also promote wellness through active transportation while aligning with corporate sustainability initiatives. Read on to learn why forward-thinking organizations are offering electric skateboards and how to transition your workforce to this cutting-edge mobility perk.
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Benefits of Offering Electric Skateboards

Electric skateboards provide a faster, more enjoyable, and environmentally friendly commute option that can sway employees to look forward to their ride to work.

With an electric motor providing acceleration up to 20 mph, commuters can zip past heavy traffic and shave significant time off their commute versus driving. Electric skateboards are portable and can be taken into offices, eliminating parking headaches. Riders also avoid public transit crowds while enjoying the wind in their hair as they cruise along.

Commuting on electric skateboards doubles as a fun daily workout, promoting employee wellness through active transportation. According to a Cal State Fullerton study, users burned an average of 400 calories during a 30-minute electric skateboard ride.

Unlike gas-powered vehicles, electric skateboards have zero emissions during operation, reducing an organization’s overall carbon footprint. As climate change concerns grow, providing sustainable transportation options aligns with corporate environmental stewardship initiatives.

Finally, supplying electric skateboards demonstrates an employer is in touch with the latest micromobility advancements and willing to invest in unique perks. Employees will surely appreciate a cutting-edge commuting experience they can’t get elsewhere.

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Electric Skateboard Features for Commuting

When choosing an electric skateboard for commuting, there are a few key features to consider:

  • Range – A range of at least 10 miles will allow you to commute back and forth without worrying about running out of battery. Look for a model with a lithium-ion battery that can go the distance.
  • Speed – Top speeds around 15-25 mph are best for commuting, allowing you to keep up with bike and car traffic. Faster models are available but aren’t necessary.
  • Battery life – Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries can take 2-5 hours to fully charge. Removable batteries allow you to charge one at home and one at the office.
  • Portability – Look for a lightweight board (under 15 lbs) that is easy to carry into the office or store under your desk.
  • Safety features – Always wear a helmet when commuting via electric skateboard. Built-in LED lights and reflectors make you visible to cars.

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Transitioning to Electric Skateboard Commuting

Switching to an electric skateboard for your daily commute involves some preparation and planning:

  • Consider the terrain and route options between your home and office. Test different paths to find the safest, easiest route free of major hills and obstacles.
  • Calculate the distance of your commute to determine the electric skateboard range needed. Include some buffer room, too.
  • Figure out where you can store the board once at the office. Look into racks, closets, or under-desk storage options.
  • Ask about charging capabilities at your office. Can you plug in and recharge at your desk? Is there a common charging station area?
  • To stay fresh, consider keeping shower supplies and changing clothes at the office. Even an electric boost can work up a sweat!

With some thought and trial runs you’ll be zipping to work energized and eco-friendly in no time.


Offering electric skateboards for the daily work commute provides advantages for both employees and employers. Workers get an energizing ride to the office while avoiding traffic and transit crowds. Companies boost sustainability, foster wellness, and provide an attractive perk that helps attract and retain talent. With a proper selection of long-range boards and workplace charging options, implementing an electric skateboard program is seamless. Give your team the gift of an exhilarating, eco-friendly ride to work while also benefiting your organization.

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Post time: 09-20-2023