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Electric skateboards provide a thrilling riding experience, with top speeds ranging from 15 to over 25mph out of the box for premium models. But what if you want even more speed and power? You can substantially increase your electric skateboard’s maximum velocity with the right upgrades and modifications.
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Upgrade to a Higher Wattage Motor

One of the most direct ways to make your electric skateboard faster is by upgrading to a higher-wattage motor. More powerful motors with higher wattage ratings can produce more torque and rotational force, increasing acceleration and higher potential top speeds.

Look for brushless hub motors in the 3000+ watt range for the best performance. Brushless indicates an efficient motor with permanent magnets rather than brushes for commutation. Hub motors are integrated seamlessly into the wheel, optimizing power transfer and minimizing moving parts. High-end hub motors from quality manufacturers provide uncompromising speed.

Install a Larger Voltage Battery

The motor draws energy from the battery pack, so increasing battery voltage enables the motor to achieve higher output power. Look for lithium-ion battery configurations of at least 10S, meaning ten cells in series. This provides a nominal voltage of around 36V-42V, a boost over standard 7S or 8S packs.

When upgrading the battery, ensure the battery management system (BMS), electronic speed controller (ESC), wiring, and connectors are rated to handle the increased voltage and current safely. Mismatched components can cause dangerous system failures. Reputable pre-built electric skateboards ensure suitable matching.

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Change the Gearing Ratio

One of the most effective ways to maximize top speed is by modifying the gear ratio – the relative sizes of the motor pulley and wheel pulley. A larger wheel pulley and a smaller motor pulley result in a higher gear ratio.

The tradeoff is that hill climbing ability and acceleration suffer slightly. Make gradual gear ratio changes and test performance to find the optimum speed and power balance for your needs. An experienced builder can help identify the ideal ratio, but moderate tweaks are usually safe.

Gearing changes are straightforward and fully reversible – swap pulleys to return to the original ratio if unsatisfied. With trial and error, intelligent gearing modifications can unlock substantial gains in your electric skateboard’s maximum velocity. It’s one of the most accessible routes to a faster board.

Improve Aerodynamics

At high speeds, wind resistance becomes the limiting factor. The rider’s stance and body positioning play a crucial role. Crouch lower to the deck, keeping your center of gravity between the trucks. Avoid a standing upright stance.

Streamlined helmets and tight-fitting clothing also help minimize drag. Like loose clothing, anything fluttering in the wind acts as a parachute, slowing you down. Aerodynamic positioning lets you pierce through the air allowing increased speeds.

Reduce Weight

Newton’s Second Law states that acceleration depends on applied force divided by mass. In simpler terms, less mass to move means faster acceleration, quicker braking, and higher top speeds. Remove any unnecessary cargo weight from backpacks or loads when your goal is achieving maximum speed.

Upgrading to a lightweight deck made from carbon fiber can also help shed pounds. Ensure appropriate stiffness so the deck doesn’t flex too much at speed. The lighter your electric skateboard, the quicker it can reach high velocities.

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Adjust the Electronics

The electronic speed controller (ESC) regulates power from the battery to the motor. Many ESCs allow adjusting settings like torque output, acceleration profile, braking strength, and top speed limit.

If the manufacturer permits, carefully modify these parameters through a Bluetooth app or programming card to prioritize speed over range and hill-climbing torque. Stay within safety limitations for the battery discharge rate, motor limits, ESC load thresholds, and wheel size.

Consider Larger Wheels

Larger wheel diameters theoretically permit higher maximum speeds, all else being equal. This comes down to physics – larger wheels cover more distance per revolution. But inappropriate wheel sizing compromises stability and increases the risk of speed wobbles.

If your electric skateboard came stock with 90-100mm wheels, experimenting with 110-120mm wheels could increase top speed while maintaining stability. Always upgrade the motor mount/risers accordingly to accommodate larger wheels.

In Conclusion

Making an electric skateboard go faster requires multiple optimizations: motor, battery, gearing, aerodynamics, weight reduction, electronics, and wheels. Carefully balance your speed lust with safety – going too fast heightens the risk of crashes and system failures. You can unleash your electric skateboard’s maximum potential speed with prudent testing and the proper modifications for your skill level.

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Post time: 08-29-2023