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Ecomobl Ripper is one of the best electric mountain skateboards you should have. In order to attract more people’s eyes on this board, we have invited a famous professional e-board reviewer to test the Ripper. He runs a YouTube channel with over 30 thousands subscribers that is pretty reliable and credible. In his video, he will show us how the Ripper performs in real life and some tips for you to consider whether the board is suitable for you. He is a 143Lb/65kg rider. These are how he talked about the Ripper in his video below:
best electric mountain skateboard Ecomobl Ripper

Movement(paved road)

The first feeling of the board was weighty, stable and solid. Especially, the stability of the board movement felt really good. The truck used in the Ripper is a spring type truck for the mountain skateboard, and the stability of the basic red color spring was good, but the flexibility was a bit frustrating. So, it made small and fast movements a bit difficult. So, for riders who don’t have much weight like me, I recommend a softer spring(blue one) included in the component. Personally, I think it would be good to use the red color spring set-up when you want to enjoy fast speed.

I felt it was the most stable board when the acceleration or high speed. And the 8-inch airless tires had a large diameter than other airless tires, and the weight of the board is heavy, so the grip and traction felt much better than expected on the paved road. It was an off-road type board, but the ride on the pavement was more enjoyable than expected.

Movement(mountain off-road)

The first feeling of mountain off-road riding was that the mountain skateboard reacted faster and harder than the pavement. On mountain off-road, the airless tires features were more prominent than the pavement. Definitely in terms of durability, the airless tires showed good performance. However, especially where in places that were uphill with have a lot of gravel, it was easy to lose traction and slip occurred often.

Except for those off-road conditions, overall movements performance was not bad. And if it’s a lightweight rider, I think blue-colored soft spring setup would be more suitable for off-road too. Also, when off-road riding, which is more dependent on bindings than pavement, the foot became tired easily due to a bit lack of the foam. As far as I know, this part is being reinforced by ecomobl. The overall direct torque feeling of the gear drive was also more helpful off-road ride.

best electric mountain skateboard Ecomobl Ripper

Performance(paved road)

The acceleration was, in a word, excellent. Ripper pushes the board really easily with a larger motor and output than the previously introduced the Ecomobl ET. There was absolutely no shortage on the pavement. Ripper’s maximum speed was 34 MPH/55km/h. Also, the stability of the board was excellent, so the speed felt less fast than the actual speed. Obviously, the drive noise was louder than other drives, but the torque transmission feeling during acceleration was so good. The braking was smooth at the beginning and strong toward the end like same as the ET model. And it gave a consistent braking performance.

Performance(mountain off-road)

The Ripper’s full of torque was felt on most off-road courses unless it was particularly difficult to keep the traction. The performance was sufficient on the steepest slopes of this off-road course.

Overall Ripper’s mountain off-road riding performance was thought to be sufficient. However, I think you should be aware of the traction that is slightly lacking compared to pneumatic tires in the terrain with many stones or gravel.


Range measurements were calculated as the result of test-riding on each terrain. There may be significant variations depending on the slope and terrain of the off-road. Despite frequent rapid acceleration and high-speed riding on the pavement, I was able to get pretty good results. This part is expected to have been helped by airless tires.

best electric mountain skateboard Ecomobl Ripper


Point of my view, one of the biggest features of Ripper is the design of a replaceable battery. As a result, if you buy an additional battery, you can easily replace it and enjoy riding for a long time where you want. Also, I thought it was more special because it was the first attempt on the mountain E-board. And Ripper is a board made for mountain off-road and rough terrain, but personally, I was more satisfied on the pavement because I could enjoy fast speed with stability. Also, within the ecomobl, Ripper felt like a board with the intermediate character between the previous M24 Pro and ET models. So my conclusion is that if you want to ride everywhere with a powerful output without worrying about the range, Ripper is one of the boards that is satisfactory enough.

At the end, Ripper is one of the best mountain skateboard for people who seek for speed, stability, range and off-road experience. It has the best features compared with other skateboards at the same price. You can find his original video through the link.

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Post time: 05-22-2023